Connection Options

When choosing your vehicle loading ramp there are a number of connection options available:

Rest On Connection Drawing Hook Connection Drawing Tube Connection Drawing Bottom Hook Connection Drawing
Rest On  Hook  Tube  Bottom Hook

Rest-On Connection - For Flat-bed or Tipper Truck these are supplied with a locking plate that sits between the bed of the vehicle and the tailgate as an additional security device. The rest-on connection is also pre-drilled with a hole and supplied with pins to further secure the ramp. This is our most popular connection

Hook Connection - For Hooking into a Channel or on to a metal bar, Ideal for beaver tail trailers.

Tube Connection - For sliding onto a 35mm or 40mm metal bar. Please note the 35mm size will be provided with the TRP40- TRP115 Series, from the TRP125 series onwards both sizes are available. 

Bottom Hook Connection - For 'Step Frame' Trailers. This connection raises the thickness of the ramp by approx. 50mm. Please check carefully with our sales team if this would be a suitable solution for you. 

Further security mechanisms are also used to guarantee safety by preventing the ramps from disconnecting if the ground collapses or the vehicle starts to move when being loaded:

Security PinSecurity PlateSecurity ChainSecurity Bracket

Security Pin Security Plate Security Chain Steel Bracket

Security Pin - The most popular mechanism commonly used in tandem with the Rest On Connection. Drops through a pre-drilled hole in the rest on connection into the bed of the vehicle being loaded

Security Plate - Ideal for when tailgates are being used. This plate locks into the underside of the rest on connection and drops between the tailgate and the bed of the vehicle, only available up to TRP125 Series, not available for TRP140 Series and above.

Security Chain- Replaces the pin and is recommended for ramps carrying loads greater than 6000kg

Steel Bracket - Standard fitting on the TRP140 and TRP150 Series although this can be specified as an option on other heavy duty ramps

Product Dimensions – please note that due to manufacturing techniques and processes all dimensions of products may vary by up to 2% plus or minus of the dimensions shown on the website. The only exception to this is ramp length of our vehicle ramps and loading ramp range – the lengths shown may vary by up to 5% depending upon the connection chosen. If you require a specific length please do let us know and we can advise accordingly.

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