Heavy Duty Cable Protectors

We have a fantastic range of cable protectors for sale online, with up to five channels available for increased protection; your cables and wires can be used and secured over large areas in all industries. read more

Our standard cable speed bumps are designed to work as cable covers and speed regulators with added durability for vehicles crossing at 5mph. Made from recycled materials; these 100% rubber cable protectors come with corner sections and contrasting colours to increase the length as needed and provide visibility to foot and car traffic. Perfect for use in all industries spanning live events and construction sites – you can adapt your cable protector to all environments.

Why not buy our heavy duty cable protectors; made from thermo-plastic polyurethane and finished with highly visible orange and yellow colours, these cable covers provide a strong and durable protection to your wires, cables and electronics equipment all whilst reducing wear and tear to your equipment and creating minimal disruption to cars and plant vehicles as they pass.

Shop cable protectors with a high weight resistance; we can ensure that our heavy duty floor cable protectors allow vehicles with a weight of up to 40,000kg to pass over safely. Our cable covers for sale come with ergonomic carrying handles across the range, allowing for simple installation and transit. You can protect cables from becoming a hazard to pedestrians with interlocking systems, anti-slip and skid proof finishes for the safety of all users including wheelchairs and mobility scooters. 

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  • Rubber Cable Protector with Yellow Safety Stripes 6m Rolls

    Rubber Cable Protector with Yellow Safety Stripes 6m Rolls

    30mm High Cable Guard with Yellow Safety Stripes, Premium Cable Protector. Fabricated from the highest grade PVC, with the stripes made out of NBR. These premium cable covers can be used indoors as well as outdoors to cover wires and cables. Features a snap-open design on the top. Is available in 6m long rolls.
    £39.50 (ex vat) £47.40 (inc vat)

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  • Cable Protector 2 Channels

    Cable Protector 2 Channels

    Straight 2 channel cable protector section. Max speed 5mph. Please note that this cable protector has a height of 105mm and is therefore only suitable for commercial vehicles and vehicles with a high ground clearance.
    £59.00 (ex vat) £70.80 (inc vat)

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  • Cable Protector 3 Channels

    Cable Protector 3 Channels

    Straight 3 Channel cable protector section. 75mm High - 900mm Long - 500mm Wide Made from thermo-plastic polyurethane. This has an 12000kg capacity and comes in contrasting black and yellow.
    £59.00 (ex vat) £70.80 (inc vat)

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  • Cable Protector 5 Channels

    Cable Protector 5 Channels

    Straight 5 Channel cable protector section. 50mm High x 900mm Long x 500mm Wide. Channel sizes 38mm x 41mm. Made from thermo-plastic polyurethane. These have a 12000kg capacity and come in contrasting black and yellow.
    £59.00 (ex vat) £70.80 (inc vat)

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