Barrier Fences and Traffic Cones

The products in our safety barrier fence and traffic cone range have been designed to be both safety compliant and versatile. All of these products can be used on the road or at events, aiding traffic calming and control at road works for both cars and pedestrians, or for crowd control and safety at either indoor or outdoor events. Our affordable traffic cones are a simple yet effective way to help direct and control traffic and work well combined with any of our selection of road barriers. read more

Road safety barriers

We offer a range of plastic barriers including our basic barrier fence as well as a choice of water filled barriers. Made from tough high-density polythene our barrier fences are suitable for construction and road work applications but are especially useful as crowd control barriers for events and festivals. A unique linking system means these crowd barriers can be locked together even over rough terrain and uneven ground, creating a complete crowd management system for even large events.

Alternatively, choose from our two options of water filled barriers. Both plastic road barriers feature a unique design to ensure they can be linked, stacked and transported in bulk and with ease. A water filled design makes for an ideal crash barrier, making these traffic barricades highly suited to construction and road works. While we offer standard colours of red and white for high visibility, we also offer customisation of two colours of your choice. This makes these traffic barriers just as useful at events and festivals, where you may wish to have corporate or business colours on display.

Safety cones

In addition to our plastic safety barriers, you’ll also find our durable traffic cones. Made from premium PVC these caution cones are designed to be long lasting for all weathers at road works and events. A fluorescent colour ensures these orange cones are highly visible and come with a reflective sleeve for additional safety even at night. Hazard cones can be an important part of road work safety solutions and can be used to merge lines and guide traffic through potentially dangerous construction areas.

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  1. Starlite Traffic Cone 750mm

    Starlite Traffic Cone 750mm

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    £5.82 £4.85
  2. Mastercone Traffic Cone 750mm

    Mastercone Traffic Cone 750mm

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    £6.96 £5.80
  3. PE Traffic Cone 750mm

    PE Traffic Cone 750mm

    In Stock
    £7.14 £5.95
  4. Starlite Traffic Cone 1M

    Starlite Traffic Cone 1M

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    £7.56 £6.30
  5. Mastercone Traffic Cone 1M

    Mastercone Traffic Cone 1M

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    £8.70 £7.25
  6. Gate Barrier

    Gate Barrier

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    £32.40 £27.00
  7. Olympic Barrier

    Olympic Barrier

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    £49.20 £41.00
  8. Bison Barrier - Water Filled 2m

    Bison Barrier - Water Filled 2m

    2-3 working days
    £252.00 £210.00
  9. Pyramid Barrier - Water Filled 1m - 24 Units

    Pyramid Barrier - Water Filled 1m - 24 Units

    2-3 working days
    £1,094.40 £912.00
  10. Pyramid Barrier 1m - 16 Units

    Pyramid Barrier 1m - 16 Units

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    £1,260.00 £1,050.00
  11. SlotBlock Barrier - 20 Units

    SlotBlock Barrier - 20 Units

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    £3,240.00 £2,700.00

12 Items

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