Premium Wheelchair Ramps

The Ramp Peoples wheelchair ramps are the UK's best-selling premium wheelchair ramp; used extensively by the NHS, nursing homes and other idustries. We use aerospace technology on our premium wheelchair ramps making them incredibly strong and lightweight. read more

We have a wide variety of ramps for sale, from non-folding ramps to cross-fold ramps, length fold ramps and bi-fold ramps, all with full width non-slip surface and fold away handles. The non-slip surface on all of our wheelchair ramps is glued onto the metal ramp, therefore these ramps are not suitable to be kept outside and exposed to weather. You can attach the ramps to any surface simply and our ramps require no modification when being loaded onto a vehicle.

We also for extensive length have our joining support for all premium wheelchair ramps.

All manufacturing processes are carried out using the very best materials and equipment available.

Premium Wheelchair Ramp Features Include: 

  • Anodised aluminium kerbs and lip prevent stains and corrosion
  • Full width non-slip surface
  • Ergonomic fold away handles
  • Unique lip design gives incredible grip at each end and allows the ramp to be used either way round
  • High visibility track indicators on some models help those with poor sight
  • Aerospace technology ensures incredible strength yet lightweight ramps

Premium Wheelchair Ramp Premium Wheelchair Ramp  Premium Wheelchair Ramp

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The Ramp People are proud members of the BHTA and full subscribe to the BHTA Code of practice.


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