Premium Wheelchair Ramps

The Ramp People wheelchair ramps are the UK's best-selling premium wheelchair ramp; used extensively in the NHS, private healthcare, nursing industry and within the events sector, we use aerospace technology on our premium wheelchair ramps making them incredibly strong and lightweight. read more

We have a wide variety of disabled access ramps for steps for sale, from non-folding ramps to cross-fold ramps, length fold ramps and bi-fold ramps all with full width anti slip surface and fold away handles. These portable wheelchair ramps for steps simply rest on the top step. The non-slip surface on all of our wheelchair ramps is glued onto the metal ramp. These mobility aids are not suitable to be kept outside and exposed to weather. You can rest the access ramps to any step, kerb or doorway. Our access ramps require no modification to the property.

Where longer ramp lengths are required, we offer joining supports for all premium wheelchair ramps.

  1. End connection on premium wheelchair ramp

    Premium Folding Wheelchair Ramps 2ft - 7ft

    From £168.00 £140.00
    In Stock
  2. Manual wheelchair during loading

    FEAL AnyRamp Wheelchair Ramp 1000mm - 2800mm

    From £900.00 £750.00
    In Stock
  3. Premium multifold wheelchair ramp grip surface

    Premium Aerolight Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramps 6ft - 9ft

    From £768.00 £640.00
    In Stock
  4. Premium aerolight broadfold wheelchair ramp

    Aerolight Broadfold Wheelchair Ramps 5ft - 8ft

    From £672.00 £560.00
    In Stock
  5. Wheelchair on carbon fibre ramp

    3ft Premium Carbon Fibre Wheelchair Ramp

    From £492.00 £410.00
    In Stock - Limited Availability
  6. wheelchair on wheelchair ramp

    RollAble Ramp, 760mm Wide

    From £360.00 £300.00
    Built to order / 2-3 working days
  7. Pair of folding wheelchair channel ramps featuring the new low-profile edges

    Low Profile Folding Channel Ramps for Mobility Scooters & Wheelchairs 1100mm - 2000mm

    From £294.00 £245.00
    In Stock
  8. Folding Channel Ramps 1100mm - 2120mm

    Folding Channel Ramps 1100mm - 2120mm

    From £444.00 £370.00
    In Stock
  9. Combination Channel Ramp 2000mm - 3000mm

    Combination Channel Ramp 2000mm - 3000mm

    From £756.00 £630.00
    In Stock
  10. iRamp unfolded and folded

    iRamp Premium Folding Ramp 520mm - 2000mm

    From £696.00 £580.00
    Built to Order

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