Wheel Chocks and Wheel Risers

Our wide choice of both economy and premium wheel chocks offers the best selection to suit any vehicle, need and budget. From car chocks to monster chocks for heavy machinery, wheel chocks are designed to prevent wheels and therefore vehicles from slipping when parked. They are essential in many industrial settings as well as for domestic use. All our chocks are made to the highest quality and designed to be more long-lasting than their wooden alternatives for the best value. read more

Versatile wheel chocks

You’ll find our vehicle chocks available in a huge range of sizes to suit any vehicle and need. Our Checkers monster chocks can handle cars and light vehicles up to heavy trucks and machinery. These heavy-duty truck chocks are essential for safe loading and unloading as well as other emergency procedures while our car wheel chocks can be used for maintenance, safe parking and other domestic needs.

Wheel chocks designed for safety

Made from highly durable polyurethane our range of wheel chocks are long-lasting even in adverse weather conditions and are resistant to moisture, salt, oils and even chemicals perfect for industry settings. While durable, they are also lightweight and easy to transport and store. When in use, and simply eyebolt or mounting bolt for ropes and chains means they are extremely secure while still being quick and easy to set up. Additionally, our wheel chocks come in a range of colours including high visibility yellow or orange for improved safety.