Motorcycle Ramps & Folding Ramps

Our folding ramps are the ideal design for your wheeled garden machinery, ATV's, quad bikes and ride-on equipment up to 680kg. Transport your bike or lawn mower safely with our selection of folding ramps for sale at great prices. read more

Buy folding loading ramps that are curved for improved ground clearance and feature a highly versatile 'rest-on' connection that requires no modification to the vehicle. For added safety, all our loading van ramps come with additional security and feature connection straps supplied for each individual ramp purchased.

We have a range of motorcycle loading ramps with a 'bar grip' or 'cutout grip' surface, manufactured from lightweight aluminium and robot welded for a solid, durable construction. All our folding ramps single and paired ramps are easy to handle and store away.

Our motorcycle ramps come in extremely high-quality aluminium with extra strengths and lengths available to suit your needs. You can buy strong, durable motorcycle loading ramps from our selection, no matter what size your motorbike or how frequently you use your loading ramp; we will have the right motorcycle ramp for sale.

Strong and durable motorcycle loading ramps

The Black Widow motorbike ramp range is designed to take Harley Davidson bikes up to 680kg using aircraft grade aluminium and robot welded for solid, durable construction. All our aluminium loading ramps are designed with heavy duty motorcycle loading in mind, but we also offer a 3-part ramp kit for additional support and protection. The Black Widow Motorcycle Ramp Kit includes the central aluminium ramp along with two outer ramps for supported walk on loading. An angled foot at the end of our motorbike ramps allow for smooth loading, while the cut-out grid surface in the aluminium provides extra grip for safety.

User friendly folding ramps

You’ll find our aluminium folding ramps can be halved in size for easy handling and quick setup. For simple storage, our folding loading ramps lie flat when not in use but remain slightly curved to give greater clearance when loading motorcycles into vans or trucks. Simply rest on and load to set up your motorbike ramp and fold to store when not in use.

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  1. Motorcycle loading ramps with connection strap

    Motorcycle Loading Ramp (2250mmx230mm)

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    £72.00 £60.00
  2. Pair of ATV loading ramps

    ATV Loading Ramp with Double Support Bar and Mesh Surface (2200mmx285mm)

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    £69.00 £57.50
  3. Pair of motorcycle loading ramps

    "The Aussie" ATV Loading Ramp (2290mmx330mm)

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    £59.40 £49.50
  4. Pushing motorcycle in to van on ramp

    Black Widow Motocycle Ramps -2750mm

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    £162.00 £135.00
  5. Quad bike on motorcycle loading ramps

    Loading Ramp with Double support Bar (2200mmx285mm)

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    £66.00 £55.00
  6. Motorcycle loading ramps specifications

    Motorcycle Loading Ramp (2200mmx230mm)

    In Stock
    £51.60 £43.00

8 Items

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