Black Widow Motocycle Ramps -2750mm

The extra-large and extremly popular motorcycle ramps are designed to carry motorcycles including Harley Davidsons weighing up to 680kg. 

Single ramp (middle ramp only): 2750mm x 440mm, capacity 680kg 

Pair of ramps (external ramps only): 2 ramps measuring 2750mm x 280mm, capacity of 540kg across the pair

Black Widow Kit, 3 ramps (1 x middle, 2 x external ramps): 1 ramp: 2750mm x 440mm, capacity 680kg 2 ramps: 2750 mm x 280 mm, capacity of 540kg across the pair 

Please note: These ramps are unsuitable for single axle machinery or vehicles

Motorcycle and Folding Loading Ramps FAQ's

Length (mm)2750
Width (mm)280 - 1010
Height (mm)80 - 120
Max. Load Height (mm)835
Weight (kg)20.5 - 39.5
Capacity (kg)680

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Product: Black Widow Motocycle Ramps -2750mm
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Single Ramp TRP615M (middle ramp only): 

  • Length - 2750mm
  • Weight - 20.50kg
  • Capacity - 680kg
  • Width - 440mm
  • Max. load height - 835mm

Pair of Ramps TRP615S (outer ramps only): 

  • Length - 2750mm
  • Weight - 9.5kg per ramp/19kg per pair 
  • Capacity - 540kg (across the pair)
  • Width - 280mm
  • Max. load height - 835mm

Black Widow Motorcycle Ramp Kit XL:

3 part ramp kit for motorbikes. The kit allows you to load a motorbike whilst riding up. Motorbike 3 Ramp kit: 1 central ramp TRP615M and a pair of TRP615S outer ramps. The middle ramp has a maximum capacity of 680kg for the bike itself, the outer sections have a maximum capacity across the pair of 540kg for the person who is pushing or riding the bike up the ramps.

Please note: These ramps are unsuitable for single axle machinery or vehicles.  

  • Folds in half for quick storage
  • Solid plate style lip rest for grip on tailgate
  • All aluminum construction
  • One person loading and unloading
  • Walk or ride your bike up the ramps
  • Notched cross rungs provide extra traction for wet tires
  • Arched for greater clearance
  • Safety straps included to keep ramp secure to loading surface
  • 1 ramp: 2750mm x 440mm x 20.5kg 
  • 2 ramps: 2750mm x 280mm x 9.5kg 
  • Total weight of the kit: 39.5kg 

SKU TRP615Conf
Due Date 28 Aug 2019
Capacity (kg) 680
Height (mm) 80 - 120
Length (mm) 2750
Weight (kg) 20.5 - 39.5
Width (mm) 280 - 1010
One Year Warranty Yes
Easy to Fit Yes

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