Expandable Safety Barriers

Our range of expandable safety barriers have been designed to improve safety around the workplace including warehouse and other industrial settings as well as shops, restaurants and more. A selection of bright colours means all our expandable fences stand out to restrict hazardous areas and protect workers, pedestrians and more. Plus, with a choice of various styles including waterfilled bases, wheels and lengths, we have an extendable fence to meet any need and convenience. read more

We offer a range of plastic barriers including our basic barrier fence as well as a choice of water filled barriers. read more

Easy to use expandable barriers

You’ll find a wide choice of concertina barrier styles that are easy to store, set-up and use. All our portable barriers feature a lightweight design making them easy to store and transport so they can be easily set-up wherever and whenever needed as well as kept out of the way when not in use. Our water-filled expandable safety barriers are especially versatile as they are lightweight when not in use but can be filled with water to keep them stable, ideal for industrial settings like warehouses. Alternatively, our expandable safety barriers with wheels can be wheeled around with ease and are perfect for retail settings such as shopping centres and shops.

Expandable fences to improve safety in every setting

As well as being easy to use our plastic safety barriers come with a range of features to ensure safety. This includes bright contrasting colours including black and yellow and red and black that highlight hazards to pedestrians or workers and improve overall safety in the area. This make them perfect as work barriers for warehouse type settings or as expandable safety barriers for businesses, events and retail settings. Use concertina barriers to keep foot traffic away from wet areas where slippages might occur or away from dangerous areas where workers may get injured without the right precautions.

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We offer a range of plastic barriers including wheels on base or water filled base barriers.

Ready assembled, lightweight and easy to use/ transport, the Expandable Barriers can create a safe environment for both workers and pedestrians by creating clearly marked areas. Barrier fencing is also available in various colours depending on your requirements.

Expandable Safety Barriers and Mobile Barricades are the perfect temporary barrier to use in warehouses, workships, shops and restaurants.  They are suitable for indoor use in retail shops, shopping centres, businesses, offices and public events, often used to assist in restricting access to dangerous and temporarily hazardous areas.

Whether they're being used to prevent slipping on a wet floor or temporarily keeping foot traffic from a specific area in a factory, our wide range of scissor barriers can get the job done.