External Heavy Duty Cable Protectors

Protect cables and wires from passing cars and vehicles travelling at 5mph. 2 channel, 3 channel and 5 channel solutions available. Perfect for protection cables on a temporary basis during events and in industrial estates. Black and yellow for high visibility. Interlocking to allow you to easily create your required length. Heavy duty Hose Protectors are perfect for hoses with diameteres up to 10cm. Our Lightweight Cable Protector is perfect for small vehicles to pass over, for example in driveways. 

  1. Rubber kerb ramp dimensions

    Rubber Kerb Ramp 100mm

    From £42.00 £35.00
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  2. 150mm Kerb Ramp dimensions

    Rubber Kerb Ramp 150mm

    From £57.00 £47.50
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