Checkers Heavy Duty Cable Protectors

We stock top of the range cable protectors directly from Checkers Industrial. Shop for the ultimate protection in cable ramps with our fantastic range of connecting covers for sale online from the well known industrial brand Checkers. read more

We stock 3 and 5 channel heavy duty cable protectors with high resistance, durable hinged lids and end caps to give your exposed wires and leads long lasting cover from the elements and frequent foot and vehicle traffic. The Linebacker and Guard Dog cable covers comes with a reinforced hinged lid and modular interlocking design with male to female end caps, creating a length suitable to you and your requirements.

Guarding all cables, wires and hoses from extreme weather conditions and heavy vehicles such as trucks and forklifts, You can buy a cable protector made from all-weather polyurethane, patented with a 5-bar tread surface design and a bright red and yellow or black and orange finish, giving you highly visible and heavy duty protection in any industry such as oil and gas, mining or even defence. 

Here at The Ramp People we are the UK’s only stockist of heavy duty cable protectors from Checkers®. The preferred choice for commercial, industrial and utility applications, they are ideal for use in entertainment venues, at sporting events and in most public situations.

We currently offer two different cable protectors from Checker’s industrial, the Linebacker® 3 channel cable protectors and the Guard Dog® 3 and 5 channel cable management system.