Expanding Our Folding Van Ramp Range

Expanding Our Folding Van Ramp Range

Early this year we introduced our Viper Economy Cross Folding Travel Ramp. The ramp instantly sold out and has been in high demand ever since! 

As experts in the ramp world, we know a wider variety of aluminium folding van ramps is needed to ensure we can find a folding van ramp suitable for your load height and capacity. Our folding van ramps are popular van ramp solutions for transit vans, sprinter vans, transporters and more. The folding van loading ramps are great for loading flight cases, cargo and equipment. We have been working hard behind the scenes to extend our folding van ramps range to you to meet all your requirements! 

The recommended loading gradient is 1:33 in line with EU standards. To identify which length ramp you require, simply times your load height, from the ground to where the ramp will rest, by 3.33. Also ensure to identify the maximum capacity you wish to load prior to selecting which ramp to purchase. 

New Premium Heavy Duty Folding Van Ramp 

  • Available in 2 widths, 750mm and 1000mm 
  • Available in various lengths; 1800mm, 2000mm, 2400mm, 2600mm and 3000mm
  • Suitable for load heights up to 900mm
  • Holds capacities between 500kg - 1000kg 
  • Customisable (including width and connection type) 
  • TUV certified
  • Produced in Italy 
  • Available with or without edges

Folding van ramp for loading

Economy Cross Folding Travel Ramp 

  • Available in 2 widths, 650mm and 850mm
  • Length: 2150mm/7ft
  • Maximum load height: 630mm
  • Capacity of 400kg 
  • Portable & lightweight, 18kg - 23kg 

Folding van ramp

Foldable Anyramp

  • 820mm useable width
  • Available in lengths of 1000mm - 2800mm
  • Maximum load height: 300mm - 840mm
  • Capacity of 400kg 
  • Portable & lightweight, 11kg - 29kg
  • Anti-slip mesh surface
  • Handles provided
  • Clip shut for easy storage
  • Produced in Sweden
  • Perfect for loading trolleys, flightcases and wheelchairs