The customisable modular ramp solution

Last updated on November 8th, 2019 at 09:47 am

Whether at home or for a commercial building, sometimes a more versatile or long lasting ramp system is necessary. For semi-permanent needs and complete control over your ramp solution, our modular ramps offer unparalleled customisation for the perfect fit for any entrance.

The most versatile and flexible ramps

With completely modular parts this ramp system can be used to fit any entrance and space, adapting to smaller footprints or complicated angles to avoid obstructions and suit your needs. All our parts come with telescopic adjustable legs and a range of lengths, plus our miniramps can be used in conjunction with the modular system to account for even the smallest changes in heights, creating a safe and smooth entrance solution. You can use miniramps to extend the lengths and adjust the height of modular ramp parts and they are just as easy to detach and reuse elsewhere.

The Ramp People customisable ramp solution section

Our platforms are also an important part of the modular ramp system. As well as enabling you to create a safe and secure entrance to buildings, platforms enable you to customise the size of the ramp to fit your footprint. Use one platform to create an L shaped 90-degree bend, or use two together to create a U turn. This offers virtually unlimited options when it comes to fitting your ramp, allowing the system to fit into tight or awkward spaces and minimising obstruction. Wheelchair users will also appreciate a platform at the entrance, allowing space to turn around and shut doors safely.

Our modular system is designed to be a portable and temporary ramp solution, so although they can last years as necessary, they can also be taken down and stored away quickly and easily. This also means the ramp system can be adjusted over time, so there’s no need to worry about the cost of a whole new ramp to account for changes in the entrance environment.

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Your customised solution

While modular ramps offer the best versatility, they can also be confusing and some entrances may require a truly unique system. Fortunately, we’re available help to from the start to the finish of the buying process. We can plan and draw the perfect customise solution, helping to take out some of the confusion and guaranteeing you the best possible fit when it comes time to building the ramp. With drawings, you can ensure every millimeter and cost is accounted for to achieve the perfect fit first time with no unfortunate surprises.

The Ramp People modular ramp technical drawing

With the necessary measurements, we can work with you to make sure you get the right modular system to meet all your requirements. This makes these ramps suitable for access in virtually any situation, including residential and commercial buildings as well as in bespoke situations such as temporary stage and event access. We even provide a complete guide to measuring your entrance to help you get started.

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Using your modular ramp system

Modular ramps are easy to set up for a competent builder or confident DIYer, plus we’re always here to help. Our easy to follow video and instructions give a clear idea of how our ramps can look after set up and provide guidance for every step of the way. Additionally, the modular style of these ramps make them a temporary system and subsequently don’t have to comply with building regulations. This means you can get your ramp set up and ready to use as soon as you need, hassle free.

All our modular ramp parts are constructed from highly durable galvanised steel with an anti-slip mesh surface. This surface is specially constructed to allow water and dirt to slip through, and combined with the highly resilient construction and material it makes these ramps ideal for sustained outdoor use. Along with a high-quality finish, modular ramps offer safety you can rely on use after use. Additionally, double height handrails and up-stand safety edges prevent accidents and provide added support and security for users.

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