Speed Bump warning sign

Back to school safety with speed bumps

It’s back to school season for many of us and a busy time for everyone. Even people not experiencing the back to school rush will see its effects on the roads as rush hours get even busier. Amongst all the chaos safety might not be first on many peoples minds, but it’s more important than ever to make safety, especially outside schools, a priority. Busy drop off and pick up times, congested roads and frustrated drivers can all add up to increase the dangers around school roads at a time when it’s even more important to make them safer for children and other pedestrians. Fortunately, speed bumps can be at least one potential solution to this problem.

Why install speed bumps for schools

The ultimate aim of speed bumps is to slow down cars and traffic for safer roads. There are some obvious benefits to this, especially for schools, but let's take a look at exactly what installing speeds bumps outside your school could achieve.

Prevent accidents and collisions

Speed bumps can slow cars down up to 5mph going over the humps and to about 20mph or 30mph between humps depending on the distance between each. This speed reduction gives drivers more time to react to hazards, whether it’s cyclists and pedestrians or even other vehicles. Slower speeds mean drives have more time to spot hazards when they occur and react accordingly to prevent any accidents or collisions.

Reduce risk and damage

Of course, even at slow speeds, there is a chance that accidents may happen but speed bumps can help in these cases too. Reduced speeds also mean reduced braking distance and ultimately a reduction in energy transfer upon impact. In the unfortunate case that a vehicle is in an accident with a pedestrian or another vehicle, the slower speed enforced by the speed bumps will greatly reduce the risk and damage to any person and vehicle involved. Make your school safer with speed bumps

Warns drivers to drive carefully

With their black and yellow colours and bright cats eyes, speed bumps are a highly visual warning to drivers to drive carefully. For those that aren’t using the school directly, speed bumps can help to ensure that they know they should not only reduce their speed but be more alert to hazards and be careful with their driving overall.

Helps to ease traffic

Congestion can be a real problem around school areas and is a constant frustration to drivers, but speed bumps can actually help to easy traffic on these busy roads in a couple of ways. Firstly it ensures that cars are moving at a consistent speed, so while cars are braking for speed bumps there is less stop and start with speedy drivers suddenly braking for others that need to drop off and pick or vice versa. Additionally, speed bumps are a real deterrent for a lot of drivers who don’t like to monitor their speed. This means that placing speed bumps outside of your school will likely cause any drivers that don’t need to use the school itself to find alternative routes and subsequently ease the overall traffic in the area. Speed bumps for schools

The perfect school speed bump

If you’ve looked into speed bumps before or have had the solution raised in your area at any other point then you’ll probably know that they can often meet with a lot of opposition. Most of the issues raised about speed bumps are simply because drivers don’t want to monitor their speed, but there are some valid drawbacks to speed bumps, especially in the context of speed bumps outside of schools. The main one is that these roads are only especially dangerous or congested during drop off and pick up times so installing speed bumps could disturb and slow down vehicles unnecessarily during the day or during the holidays. For roads that don’t have blind spots, suffer from speedy drivers or are otherwise particularly dangerous, speed bumps can cause more harm than good. Fortunately, there is a solution to this as well. Portable Speed Bumps are perfect for schools and other situations where you may need to only slow traffic on certain days or even between certain hours of the day. They are completely portable and aren’t permanently or even semi-permanently fixed to the road. A portable speed bump rolls up into a lightweight and compact size when not in use, and rolls out easily when required. A special grippy surface on the underside of the portable speed bump ensures that it doesn’t shift or move when cars go over it, but there is no permanent fixing. Portable speed bumps are perfect for school safety

Why our speed bumps are perfect for schools

Whether you think a portable speed bump is the perfect solution or still want to install more permanent rubber speed bumps on the road or roads around your school, we stock speed bumps that are designed meet your requirements.

A range of heights and speeds

Our speed bumps are available in a variety of heights to slow cars down to either 5mp or 10mph depending on your requirements. For school roads that aren’t as hazardous then you can minimise the inconvenience to drivers by opting for 10mph speed bumps while our 5mph speed bumps are perfect for roads that have additional blind spots or are especially dangerous.

Easy to install and remove

Our portable speed bumps are by far the easiest option for schools that are looking for a more temporary and versatile speed bump. Their complete portability even means they can be moved to other locations if the layout of drop off points or other areas changes over time. Our speed bump kits, however, are also easy to install and remove while offering a more permanent solution. They come with free fixings and everything you need to secure them to the road but can be easily taken up during longer holiday periods or if traffic conditions change. We even have a complete speed bump installation guide and video to make things as easy as possible.

Perfect for any road

Our kits come with fixings for both tarmac and concrete and are available in a wide range of lengths to suit any road. Opt for one of our complete kits in the length you need, or purchase our speed bump middles separately to extend your speed bump solution to a length that suits you. Shop speed bumps and road safety for schools

Highly durable finish

Both our portable speed bump and other speed bump kits are highly durable. Highly resistant rubber and quality finish mean they can handle vehicle impact over a long period of time and in areas with very high traffic flow. They are built to stand the test of time, whether you need them every day for an extended period or as a more temporary solution.

The perfect safety solution

With high visibility yellow and black colouring plus cats eyes included you can be sure that your speed bumps offer the safety your school roads need. If you’re ready to start protecting pedestrians and drivers alike, then shop our speed bumps here including speed bump signs and other traffic calming solutions or contact one of our team today for more help.