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Speed Bumps - Your Questions Answered

At The Ramp People we offer a range of Speed Bumps, including 5mph and 10mph solutions designed to slow down traffic. These traffic calming tools and are often used within car parks, private roads and industrial estates.

Below we have answered some of your key questions. Firstly it is of course essential to check you are allowed to install the speed bumps and ensure these are installed in line with regulations. Once you have decided speed bumps are permitted, there are several options to choose from.

Am I allowed to install speed bumps? 

In order to install speed bumps, you will of course need the permission of the landowner. You will also need to inform the relevant parties which the speed bumps may impact, for example emergency services, affected residents and traders on the street. We also recommend reviewing The Highways (Road Humps) Regulations 1999. These regulations outline the requirements for speed bumps, for example the importance of not installing speed bumps within 25 metres of a bridge. It is also important to alert road users that speed bumps are in place, you can do this by using road bump speed signs

Which speed bumps should I buy? 

In order to identify the best speed bumps for your requirements, we recommend considering the below:

  • What traffic will be passing over the speed bumps/sleeping policeman? For example, will it simply be cars or will HGV's and lorries be passing over these?
    • If you feel you may have heavy vehicles passing over we would recommend our heavy duty speed bumps. The heavy duty speed bumps have a capacity of 60,000kg.
  • What speed would you like to slow traffic to?
  • What is the width of the road?
    • Our speed bump kits are modular and can be provided in any width


Heavy duty speed bumps


How easy is installation?

  • All of our kits include fixings for tarmac and concrete and a drill bit for easy installation. They can be installed by a handyman, confident DIY'er or builder. The SDS drill bit has 14mm in diameter and 150mm in drill length (total length 276mm).


Fixings provided with speed bumps


Alternative traffic management solutions

Encourage one-way traffic: If you want to manage the flow of one-way traffic, we recommend viewing our range of flow plates.

Protect cables and slow traffic: If you wish to control traffic and protect cables, for example during events, we recommend viewing our heavy duty cable protectors which slow traffic whilst protecting up to 5 cables.

Temporary solutions: If during events you require a speed bump to control traffic, we would suggest viewing our portable speed hump ramp which can be simply put in place as and when required. Our heavy-duty cable protectors can also be used as a temporary traffic calming solution.