New Metric Rubber Threshold Ramps

Our metric rubber threshold ramps have proven to be quite successful. And with various situations various heights are required. Which is why it was the next logical step to increase the product range by adding more heights. They are called metric as all of the heights of the ramps are set in mm but they will work on almost any door threshold when you need easy wheelchair access.


The new heights vary from 6mm to 80mm high, which makes it now to a total of 23x of these sizes of threshold ramps. Exclusively and only manufactured by and for the Ramp People!


The advantages of these new heights are certainly the expanded area of application. As an individual or in combination with other rubber threshold ramps, there is nearly no threshold anymore, up to 100mm, that cannot be ramped up with our rubber threshold ramps and doorway ramps.


Additionally, all our threshold ramps are easy to fit and require minimal setup, making them quick and easy to move and store when needed. They are capable for handling electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters as well as manual wheelchairs and other walking aids, such as walking frames and rollators. 


Manufactured from black recycled rubber, these ramps feature a capacity of up to 1000 kg, which makes them durable, strong and versatile whilst blending into most environments. The surface has an incredible grip for smooth access and crossing over. 


Other features of our rubber threshold ramps:


  • Designed and built to a 1 in 10 gradient
  • Exclusive to The Ramp People!
  • Sold as singles in 1m wide pieces
  • Can be installed on most surfaces including concrete, asphalt, wood, tile, and marble
  • Rubber threshold mats can be trimmed to fit space available
  • Safety – Rubber ramps are naturally highly slip-resistant. Being made from recycled tires means they have some of the same gripping capabilities as a tire does to a road.
  • Recycled rubber is an inexpensive, yet extremely effective way to bridge a threshold.
  • Easily create a seam-free surface by combining 2 threshold ramps to accommodate entering and exiting doorways.

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