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Most Popular Wheelchair Ramps 2023

View our most popular wheelchair ramps of 2023 and find out if they could help you overcome your threshold, step or kerb.

Are you seeking a new wheelchair ramps ? Whether you need a wheelchair ramp for your mobility scooter, manual wheelchair or walker we have put together a list of our top-selling and most popular wheelchair ramps of 2023.

1. Rubber Threshold Ramps 

Rubber threshold ramps are a simple and effective solution to overcome steps, kerbs and doorsteps. No installation is required, simply rest the rubber ramp against the step or kerb and start using. Our rubber ramps are available in heights between 4mm - 177mm. As the ramps are rubber you can reduce the width with a stanley knife or saw where required. The rubber ramps can be quite heavy, especially at the higher heights, so generally these are left in place. They can be used indoors and outdoors and are suitable for wheelchairs, walkers and scooters. 


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2. Folding Wheelchair Ramp 2ft - 8ft 

Our folding, portable wheelchair is simple and easy to use. Simply unfold the access ramp, rest onto the step or doorway and start using. The ramp is available in 2ft - 8ft making it suitable for overcoming heights up to 405mm. Our folding wheelchair ramps are suitable for mobility aids including manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and walkers. The aluminium ramps offer an anti-slip surface and smooth entry on and off of the ramp. The folding wheelchair ramp can be clip shut during storage and offers a built on carry handle. 

rubber wheelchair ramps

3. Telescopic Channel Ramps 4ft - 7ft 

Telescopic channel ramps are often a perfect lightweight solution for those with manual wheelchairs. The ramps start at only 2.55kg making them one of the lightest wheelchair ramp solutions we offer. As they are telescopic they are extremely compact making them easy to store and transport in your car. The wheelchair ramps are also provided with a carry bag.

Please note the majority of channel ramps are only suitable for manual wheelchairs due to the raised edges. If you have a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair and would like channel ramps, please view our low profile folding channel ramps.


4. Bridge Ramps

Bridge ramps are designed to allow wheelchairs to go up and over thresholds. We offer a range of aluminium bridge ramps designed for heights up to 10cm. The bridge ramps are lightweight, simply put in place and start using.

Please note the aluminium bridge ramp is only designed for manual wheelchairs and walkers. In addition, the threshold height must be the same on either side of the doorway to allow the ramp to work effectively. For mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs, or for varying heights, please instead view the drive in ramps.

5. Fixed and Adjustable Threshold Ramps

The aluminium threshold ramp is available as a fixed ramp or with legs. Available in 2ft - 8ft, this aluminium wheelchair ramp can be used as a semi-permanent solution which is left in place or as a portable access ramp. 

When purchased without legs, the wheelchair ramp is provided with holes to allow you to secure the ramp to a step.

When purchased with legs, you can adjust the legs to your threshold height, for example to match the height of your uPvc threshold (heights between 70mm - 254mm). The legs do also have installation points to allow you to secure the ramp to the ground if you wish to. 

If you also have an internal height, you can view the adjustable threshold ramp with entry plate which allows you to go up and over the threshold. When not in use, simply flip the entry plate back onto the ramp to allow you to shut the door. 

Please note these ramps may not work with doors which open outwards due to the edges.


6. Multi-fold Wheelchair Ramp 4ft - 10ft

Due to the multi-fold design, this multi-fold wheelchair ramp is more compact than the portable wheelchair ramp listed above. The mobility ramp folds to have its length and half its width. The 8ft and 10ft version also splits in two to make it easier to carry. This portable ramp is suitable for wheelchairs, scooters and walkers. The ramp also offers a black grip surface, safety edges and carry handle.


7. Wheelchair Ramp with Handrails 4ft - 10ft 

Designed to overcome heights up to 505mm, depending on your chosen length, the wheelchair ramp kit can be quickly assembled and easily secured in place to overcome steps at home, in the garden or at events. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the aluminium wheelchair ramp can be used with or without handrails depending on your requirements. 

Need advice? 

For help identifying the most suitable ramp length for your steps, please view our ramp length calculator.