Milled Surface Industrial Ramp

New Milled Surface Ramps

Last updated on October 18th, 2019 at 11:11 am

Since we returned from our Italian Factory Visit we have promised to introduce new products to our ramp range and at last we are happy to introduce the new heavy duty range:

Milled Surface Ramps for heavy duty machinery with capacities up to 58,000kg

These ramps are our strongest ramps ever build to last and made out of the best aluminium only. Created for the heaviest machinery you won’t find this variety of widths and lengths anywhere else in the UK market.

The milled surface allows extra grip for steel tracked machinery and equipment, whilst have a core profile thickness of 130mm only. They are therefore not our thickest ramps but certainly some of the strongest loading ramps on the market.

The Ramp People’s range of the milled surface ramps are ideal for use as industrial plant ramps and as heavy duty as commercial ramps. For all capacities over 20,000kg we can only offer Bottom Hook connection which is welded on the top of the ramp or a tube connection, available in two widths 36mm and 40mm.

The ramps are fully TUV certified, produced 100% in EU and tested for 200% of the max. capacity. They can also be fully customised for your needs. Those ramps are available with immediate effect, do not hesitate to contact our sales team for advice.

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