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Wheelchair Ramp Buying Guide – The Basics

Buying your first wheelchair ramp can be a daunting task. With such a wide selection of ramps available, various types of wheelchairs and scooters it can be hard to know which ramp work best for your requirements.

Step 1: Identify the height of your steps. You need to check the total vertical height of the steps as this works out which length ramp you require. On our website this is referred to as the ‘load height’. If there is a height inside the doorway you will also need to check this height to. Once you have these measurements, enter them into our Wheelchair Ramp Length Calculator to identify your required ramp length. You will also need to select whether you will be using a manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair or scooter.

Step 2: Check the width of your doorway and the width of your wheelchair or scooter. Most of our wheelchair ramps are around 720mm in width which fit most standard doorways. If your doorway is thinner we do have Roll-a-Ramps in widths of 660mm wide. Channel ramps are also a good solution for thin doorways. We also have wheelchair ramps in widths up to 1300mm wide which are great for wider wheelchairs/scooters.

Step 3: Check the space available you have from the door outwards for a ramp. If you require a 5ft ramp you will of course need to check you have space for a 5ft ramp from the door outwards. Do also consider that you will need turning space when you come off of the ramp. If you do not have space for your required ramp length, you can purchase 2 ramps and a portable platform to create this length – this allows you to take a left/right turn, creating an ‘L’ shaped ramp.

Portable Express Platform

Step 4: Check the weight of your wheelchair or scooter and add the wheelchair users weight to this. All ramps have a maximum capacity, most of our ramps have capacities over 250kg + which is generally more than enough for most wheelchairs but it is worth checking!

Top Tip: All of our wheelchair ramps can be purchased VAT exempt, simply provide the name of the person the ramp is for and disability at the checkout stage for the VAT exemption. Charities can also claim VAT exemption, simply provide the charity name and number. Delivery is free over £60.00 within mainland UK.

Which Ramp Do I Choose?

We have an extensive range of wheelchair ramps available. On each of our wheelchair ramps we have icons to show whether the ramp is suitable for manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs or scooters. Ensure to check these to ensure the ramp is suitable for you.

On each product page, we do note the maximum capacity for the ramp along with the maximum load height (maximum step height) so you can ensure it is correct for your situation.

We always recommend you check the ramps weight. As the ramps get longer they do get heavier. You need to take into consideration your abilities as to whether the ramp is too heavy for you. The lightest ramp solution is general channel ramps however they are only suitable for manual wheelchairs.

Do you plan to leave the ramp outside? If you do you will need to view ramps within our ‘All Weather Ramps‘ range.

Fixed Threshold Ramp

Would you like a folding, suitcase ramp? We have an extensive range of folding ramps, whilst some fold like a book, others fold lengthways and widthways. For businesses/commercial use, we do also have a Premium Wheelchair Ramp range. You will need to consider the storage space you have available.

Multi-fold Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp

Would you like a long term, semi-permanent ramp solution? If so we would recommend viewing our Modular Wheelchair Ramps. The majority of these are built to order so we recommend contacting our team for advice prior to purchase.

Overcoming a threshold? We have an extensive range of Wheelchair Threshold Ramps available. If you have an internal doorway height up to 100mm, our Rubber Threshold Ramps are a popular solution.

Bridge Ramp

If you require further contact our team for free expert ramp advice! You can email across images along with your measurements to hello@theramppeople.co.uk, alternatively call 01372 478960

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