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Wheelchair Friendly Cable Protectors

We have recently introduced our new Rubber Wheelchair Ramp to allow wheelchair users to easily go over cable protectors. It has already proven popular and has been selling out fast.

Our new wheelchair friendly cable protector ramp works perfectly with our Heavy duty 5 channel, 3 channel and 2 channel cable protectors. Protect cables up to 64mm x 54mm whilst allowing wheelchair users to safely pass over the cables. 

With each purchase you are provided with 2 rubber ramps which you simply place on either side of your chosen cable protector. The ramps create a perfect gradient for wheelchairs and scooters to go up and over the cable protectors. 

The ramps are perfect to be used at events where pedestrians and wheelchairs need to pass over the cable protectors safely. As the cable protectors themselves are yellow and black, the ramps are highly visible. 

The wheelchair ramps are made from rubber and therefore are extremely durable and can be used inside and outside. 

You can simply purchase one pair to allow wheelchairs to pass over the cable protector in a specific point. Alternatively, you can purchase several and put the ramps along side each other to allow wheelchairs to pass over multiple cable protectors. The heavy duty cable protectors are interlocking allowing you to easily protect any length of cable protector you require. 

Any questions? Contact our team on 01372 478960. Free delivery is provided within mainland UK. Bulk discounts are available. 

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