Vehicle Ramps

Versatile Vehicle Ramps

We’ve already seen how our basic car ramps can be essential in transporting and parking a range of classic sports cars, but sometimes we get an order that requires something more. Fortunately, our range doesn’t just stop at our car ramps. In fact, we’ve got a huge range of vehicle ramps to help load everything from heavy machinery to steel tracked industrial equipment.

The perfect custom solution

While our vehicle ramps are perfect for industrial machinery and equipment, you might be surprised by how versatile these ramps can be. This customer has sent us pictures showing how these ramps are just as comfortable on the race track as they are in an industrial setting.

These images were sent in by Mr Clive Hoare and show how our versatile TRP80/30 vehicle ramps help load and transport his dad's race car. They’ve even been modified with some additional wooden extenders to help with the cars especially low ground clearance. The race car shown is a March 703, built in 1970 and appeared in the film ‘Rush’. Originally raced in 1970 by Tom Walkinshaw, it raced against people like James Hunt, Carlos Pace and Dave Walker.

Sports car driving down a pair of loading ramps

Our vehicle ramp solutions

The sheer range of our vehicle ramps makes them one of our most versatile ramp solutions, ideal for even the most unique and unusual loading needs. With a wide variety of lengths up to 5,500mm to choose from you’ll find our ramps suitable for almost any requirement, including heavy duty and industrial vehicle ramps capable of loading capacities up to 30,000kg. With widths up to 700mm many of our vehicles ramps are designed for industrial type machinery with larger tires and tracks, but they’re suitable for almost any type of vehicle or equipment.

You’ll also find these ramps are constructed for complete versatility during use as well. All our vehicle ramps are robot welded with surface profiles extruded from high quality aluminium alloy to guarantee durability even over long term and constant use. While they are some of our strongest ramps, our vehicle ramps are also lightweight and designed for easy handling to ensure quick and efficient temporary set up and storage. With 4 different connections to choose from including our simply rest on connection, these ramps are suitable for loading into any vehicle, container or platform.

Still not convinced? If there really isn’t a ramp within our range to suit your specific needs, then we can also offer a completely customised solution. Whether it’s a custom length or load height, additional edges or a different head connection, we can work with you to deliver a customised ramp.

Sports car driving down a pair of loading ramps