Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops & Parking Blocks

Wheels Stops/Parking Blocks are a popular, simple way to prevent damage to cars and structures during parking. They are easy to install on tarmac and concrete, especially as our wheel stops are provided with free fixings and a drill bit.

Wheel stops are extremely durable and can prevent your car moving and reduce risk of damage within warehouses, loading bays, car parks and even at home.


Fixings included free of charge


The parking block, made of 100% recycled rubber, is provided with coloured strips, such as yellow and white, to ensure they are highly visible, preventing them becoming a trip hazard to pedestrians. The wheel stops also include built-in reflectors.

Are wheel stops are provided in lengths of 550mm - 2000mm, meaning you can opt to have one wheel stop per tyre or a one long wheel stop per space. They are suitable for cars and HGV's.


We have a high number of in stock wheel stops available for immediate dispatch. All of our wheel stops are provided with a 1 year warranty and delivered to you free. Bulk discounts.


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