Hinged Tailboards & Loading Bridges

Keep your work site safe with our selection of loading bridges for sale here online with The Ramp People.  We have a number of options for you to choose from for loading ramp safety; depending on your access needs and working environment, you can secure a safe passageway for pedestrians or plant vehicles with just one purchase. read more

Buy an access bridge to overcome small obstacles such as cables or door frames around the warehouse. Created for an industrial environment, these smaller loading bridges work differently to cable protectors; providing secure walk ways and protection over a number of building site obstructions.

Shop larger, removable loading bridges: made from high grade aluminium, these anti-slip bridges are light and easy to store – without losing any strength or capacity standards. Attach temporary passageways for pedestrians and pallet trucks; able to withstand weights of up to 1300kgs, or for added strength - buy heavy duty loading bridges with a higher capacity of 3240kgs -  using a reinforced middle section, customise the entire width of the ramp to work for you and your business.

Coming Soon Hinged Tailboards available in lengths up to 2065mm with a featured capacity up to 4800kg our strongest loading bridges.

All our loading bridges come with rest on connections; simply position your access ramp between the transport vehicle decking and the loading area and use immediately. For your workers safety, we recommend that your bridge should be wider as your vehicles load width. Buy loading ramps and bridges online today, if you have any question about customised sizes or loading capacity, get in touch with our customer support team today.

Choose from our access bridges, which allow you to walk or drive over small obstacles; our removable loading bridges, which connect the back a transport vehicle to a loading surface; our hinged tailboards which are attached to you lorry for direct access from the lorry to the loading deck; or our heavy duty loading bridge which is strong enough for loads of up to 3420kg.