Dog Ramp with dog walking up

Dog Ramp Range Expansion - New Product Alert!

Here at The Ramp People are passionate about helping older pets with mobility problems or smaller animals who need assistance getting up into cars, beds, steps and more. We have recently expanded our Dog Ramp range to include a number of new pet ramps and pet steps. Designed to be lightweight and portable, they can easily be set-up for a number of different scenarios. We are confident that the new pet ramps will give you and your furry companion the mobility and freedom they need.

Lightweight folding Pet Ramp

Our black, lightweight folding dog ramp is made to allow pets to climb heights up to 45cm. This ramp folds for easy storage and can take a maximum weight of 74kg. Suitable for outdoor use, it is great for cars or outside steps to give your pooch or pet easy access over obstacles. The non-slip surface also provides a safe and secure surface for pets to walk up.

Dog Ramp with dog on the ramp

Adjustable Dog Ramp

The Ramp People's adjustable dog ramp is the perfect solution to allow access to beds, steps, sofa and other places within your house. They are not only great for dogs but can also be useful for cats and other pets. This compact, portable wooden pet ramp can be adjusted to 6 different heights and offers a 50kg capacity. It also features raised slats along the ramp along with the fabric surface to assist with grip and prevent slipping. The ramps are available in multiple sizes, small, medium and large, meaning they will suit different sizes of pets.

Dog ramp features

Lightweight Folding Dog Steps for Cars

Finally, our portable folding dog steps for cars enable dogs to easily access the boot of your vehicle. They have a capacity of up to 110kg which allows them to accommodate dogs and pets of all sizes. The folding steps are lightweight making them portable and easy to set up as well as being ideal for travel. The fabric surface ensures the safety and stability of your furry friend, while the rubber rest on connection prevents the steps from moving while in use.

Cute dog in a bow tie climbing up the pet steps