New! Warehouse Protection Equipment

New! Warehouse Protection Equipment

Making the world more accessible and generally safer for everyone is a big challenge, but one we continue to take on with new products and improvements introduced all the time. With our wheelchair ramps handling everyday accessibility and traffic calming equipment helping to make the roads safer, we decided to take on warehouse workplace safety too. Our new warehouse protection range uses patented designs and high-quality materials to help make warehouses a safer place for everyone.

Making your warehouse a safer place

By law, The Workplace Regulations 1992 addressing health, safety and welfare makes all employers responsible for the safety of their workplace and employees. That means all employers have a duty to implement and maintain workplace safety measurements, from the building itself to workplace procedures. When it comes to the workplace environment, warehouses present some of the most dangers. Heavy machinery and regular vehicle traffic including forklifts and trucks make them especially hazardous. In fact, vehicle-related accidents make up the largest proportion of warehouse safety issues. While operator errors are often the cause, poor layout and a lack of environmental safety aids can be just as responsible and usually make the results of vehicle collisions much worse. Warehouse can be one of the most dangerous environments without the right protection and safety measures in place Not only are warehouse protection aids safer for workers, they also benefit the employer by reducing the time and costs involved with workplace accidents including risk assessments and sick leave. To help prevent collisions and manage warehouse safety, employers need to ensure that floors and traffic routes are suitable for their purpose and consider the potential for accidents. That means any industrial truck or vehicle operating area should try to prevent collisions and be able to withstand the impact and potential damage caused when a collision does happen. Health and safety regulations recommend that the features of the building or operating area should be identified, protected and clearly marked. Likewise, the edges of loading bays and docks should also be marked for maximum visibility and to minimise damage caused by collisions. While this may sound like a lot of work, there are simple solutions available. Vehicles and industrial equipment are the biggest cause of accidents in warehouse environments

New warehouse safety equipment

Coming soon to The Ramp People, our range of warehouse protection equipment will include column protectors, beam bumpers, channel rack protectors and dock bumpers. Together they provide complete impact protection for columns, racks and corners in industrial truck operating areas and loading bays. All the products feature patented designs and are made from high-grade ballistics grade polymer with plastic blow molding that has been designed to absorb impact by flexing and returning to its original shape. This smart engineering is also surprisingly affordable and easy to install with Velcro straps for easy setup. With a huge range of sizes available you’ll find warehouse protection for any size environment from small picking facilities to large warehouses. Made from durable materials and patented technology our new warehouse safety equipment is designed to absorb impact and minimise damage Here’s a more detailed to look at what to expect from the new range:

Column protectors

Designed for square, round or H-columns these cushioned column protectors feature a patented air vent system that allows air to escape during impact for superior protection. The range of sizes is suitable for all columns ranging from just 100mm wide to 450mm wide.

Beam bumper

Available in 10cm, 15cm and 20cm widths, these beam bumpers are designed to protect warehouse racks from pallet and forklift damage. Their superior flexibility is ideal for absorbing impact and they require no tools for easy installation. Our new warehouse protection equipment is easy to fit with Velcro straps

Channel rack protector

With the same ballistics grade polymer material and durable construction, these channel rack protectors are designed for certain warehouse racks. They come in three sizes suitable for racks from 80mm to 140mm.

Dock bumper

Designed for facilities with heavy dock traffic including commercial loading docks, warehouses, parking garages and marinas and available in a range of styles from rectangular dock bumpers in 33cm and 45cm widths, plus three sizes of D-type dock bumpers. Manufactured from fibre reinforced prime rubber with nylon and polyester, they are easy to install with pre-drilled countersunk mounting holes designed to accepted anchor bolts. If you have any questions about the new warehouse equipment coming to The Ramp People, please contact one of our sales team today.