Reptile Ramps

Reptile Ramps

It is not just wheelchair users benefiting from our rubber threshold ramps, tortoises are to!

The Tortoise Sanctuary in Wales recently purchased some of our rubber threshold ramps. The wheelchair ramps are being used to help their Giant Tortoises get in and out of their enclosures. The ridges on our rubber ramps have helped ensure they are easily able to grip onto the ramp when they are walking up and down and now they are able to enjoy the lovely sunny weather!

We already offer folding pet ramps  but now we may need to consider increasing our pet access ramp range to support all animals - after all they all have places to go!

tortoises on a rubber threshold ramp See above an image of Sulcata on our rubber threshold ramp.

Thank you to the Tortoise Sanctuary (International Tortoise Association) for providing the lovely images.

View our Rubber Threshold Ramps up to 4"/100mm here. tortoises on our rubber threshold wheelchair ramp Our dedicated pet ramp range can be viewed here.