The Ramp Perople Road Trip In Italy

The Ramp People Road Trip In Italy

The Ramp People Road Trip in Italy

Beginning of last year, we have decided to visit our best and longest ramp suppliers and potential new suppliers in Italy. This year in April we finally had the chance to go for it so we took the chance and started the ramp people road trip in Italy.

In full power on a Tuesday morning at 6am we have already answered emails and processed orders while waiting for the plane to sunny Milan.

After a really pleasant flight we have left the UK and clouds behind us, enjoyed amazing views over the Alps and landed in Milan with amazing 22 ˚C and brilliant sunshine.

The Ramp People over the Alps

The rental car turned out be an Audi A4 instead of a VW Golf so we were ready to cruise south, direction to Pegnognaga in the Lombardy.

After a great stop at a petrol station (no kidding, we had the best coffees and Paninis) we arrived at our first supplier of wheelchair vehicle lifts, had a very successful meeting and have seen some very interesting new insights about new products. A blog about those will follow at a later point but in the meantime feel free to check out our website.

The Ramp People Vehicle Platform LiftsThe Ramp People Vehicle Platform Lifts

We have spent the night in Mantua which is Europe’s Cultural Capital 2016. A very beautiful medieval city with a huge fortress at their entrance. At this point we have to mention the food, even though it has not much to do with ramps, it was incredible. Nothing beats homemade pasta.

Refreshed we have started the next day early and found ourselves after only an hour drive at the next supplier. This company is our supplier for folding van ramps since almost 9 years.

We are now proud that we can soon announce the arrival of a new heavy duty folding van ramp, something you can look forward to.

The Ramp People Folding Van Ramp

Again we happily decided to stop at a petrol station alongside the motorway for coffee and Paninins and were not disappointed.

The last stop was close to Bergamo, in Mapello with one of our longest and most reliable suppliers of our loading and vehicle ramps. The Alps in the background inside a huge and impressive factory was alone only worth the trip. With new ideas for future projects, already new products in place and improved conditions that allow us to offer low prices. Check out our shop.


Vehicle and Loading Ramps

In later blogs I will go into details but the coffee and the Paninis surely needed to be mentioned, with the great and warm weather was our road trip surely a success. Visit Mantua this year and Italy in general is surely worth a trip.

Look out for more blogs about Italy, coming soon. Contact us for further information.

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