Car Ramps

Find a wide range of car ramps for sale at The Ramp People. Both our aluminium car ramps and rubber kerb ramps are versatile and can be used in various environments to help your car up small load heights. Depending on your needs, you’ll find various lengths and widths of ramps to suit your car and tires. Whether rubber or aluminium, you’ll find all our auto ramps offer high quality construction for safe and long lasting car loading and make the ideal ramps for lowered cars. Plus, purchase any of our metal TRP40 series or other vehicle ramp and you’ll qualify for free car ramp UK delivery.

Why use a car ramp?

Car ramps are suitable for almost any situation where you may need to load your car up a small load height. These vehicle ramps work particularly well as low car ramps for classic cars and sports models. These types of cars are often much lower to the ground and therefore have problems with kerbs or inclines that other cars might not. Classic and sports car models are frequently transported in containers and showcased at events on platforms and stages, both which require portable car ramps. Even private owners can have problems parking their cars if the driveway or kerb is too steep, making low car ramps a day to day necessity.

Alternatively, you may simply wish to relieve the pressure and potential damage caused to tires that are consistently driven up and down a kerb to be parked. If your driveway doesn’t have a dropped kerb, you may see wear and tear on your tires over time, with the possible risks and expenses involved in damaging and replacing tires in the future. In these instances, some rubber car ramps are the perfect solution.

Car ramps for sale at The Ramp People

Choose from our selection of either rubber or aluminium car ramps, both of which offer high quality solutions to your car ramp needs. For slightly higher load heights up to 600mm and ideal for loading cars up steps for showrooms and containers, our aluminium car ramps could be the perfect fit for you. With a range of widths from 215mm to 615mm, we stock ramps to fit a variety of different cars and tires and are perfect low car ramps. You’ll also find these portable car ramps thin and lightweight for easy handling and convenient travel. Additionally, choose from four secure connection options including the easy to fit default option, the rest on connection.

You may find our rubber kerb ramps more suitable to your needs with unbeatable value for money. These car ramps are extremely strong and long wearing, ideal for driveways without a dropped kerb to prevent tire damage. A textured non-slip surface ensures these car ramps remain safe and secure for any purpose they serve, and can support cars with a single axle weight of up to 5000kg and a load capacity up to 15000kg. If you’re looking to use your ramp regularly for an extended period, our affordable prices also include fixings for both tarmac and concrete to make your car ramp a more permanent fixture. If you’re worried about flexibility, you’ll find these car ramps extremely quick and easy to install and use, and several can be used side by side for a larger width ramp. For larger than average kerbs, you may want to try our 150mm rubber car ramps.

Alternative car ramps

If you require a ramp for use at a higher load height or with a higher capacity, we offer a huge selection of alternative Vehicle Ramps. These ramps offer even more versatility and perfect for cars in need of high load heights or heavier vehicles such as JCB’s. See our TRP70 and TRP80 Series for load heights a step up from our aluminium car ramps.

Our aluminium and rubber car ramps are also unsuitable for solid wheels found on road surfacing machines - for this type of machinery please see the industrial ramps for steel tracks.

We also offer customisable options for other load heights. Simply contact one of our friendly sales staff to find out more about getting the perfect car ramp for you.

You’ll also qualify for free car ramp UK delivery when you purchase any of our aluminium TRP40 series or other vehicle ramp.

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Usage guidelines and safety information for our full vehicle ramp range can be found here.