Cable Protectors

Why are there so many different types?

We offer a complete range of cable protectors from pedestrian covers to heavy duty vehicle hose ramps so that we are ready to assist with any application. We also provide kerb ramps with channels underneath so cables can run below them. 

What is the difference between a cable cover & a cable protector?

A cable cover is designed to drop over wires whereas cable protectors encase cables completely. Cable covers offer a swift installation/removal. Cable protectors offer a more secure protection.

Do you have cable protectors suitable for vehicles to cross?

Yes, we have options with capacities ranging from 2000kg to 15,000kg (per section) but please be aware as our 2-channel option is 105mm high it is only suitable for HGV’s & other vehicles with plenty of ground clearance.

How can I check the channel size?

All channel dimensions are listed in our product specification pages, if you are at all unsure or cannot find a suitable option please get in touch.

What are they made of?

The majority of our range is rubber although there are some polyurethane options. This means our products are heavy duty and hard wearing.

Can they be fixed in place?

We do not recommend fixing our products as they are designed to be portable. Some customers have used adhesive tapes or fixings but the product does not come supplied with fixing holes or fixings.

Can cable protectors be used in a warehouse?

Yes however please ensure you select one of our cable protectors that are suitable to be used with forklift/trollies, for example within the Adam Hall range there are cable protectors which are suitable for items with low ground clearence.

Can wheelchairs go over cable protectors/cable covers? 

We have a range of cable protectors which are suitable for wheelchairs, these can be viewed here. 

Can cable protectors be connected together? 

Yes, our heavy duty cable protectors and cable covers are interlocking so you can create your required length. Our rubber cable protectors are available in lengths up to 9m, as they are rubber you can cut these to your required size when needed. 

View our extensive range of Cable Covers & Cable Protectors. 

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