Pallet Truck Ramps

Why are they so long for such low heights?

Pallet trucks are not designed to operate on slopes due to a long low wheelbase. Because of this a very gentle gradient is required especially when moving heavy weights.

Can they be used on steps?

Yes, our pallet truck ramps can be used to overcome steps, kerbs and other areas where low obstacles need to be overcome.

Should I allow extra capacity in the ramps for safety?

No. Our ramps are manufacturer and engineered to European TUV standards.

Can I use a winch to assist loading equipment?

Winches fundamentally alter the normal weight distribution when loading machines and equipment. Stated weight limits are dramatically reduced when using a winch. Winches can be used but great care and attention must be taken, please speak with our sales advisers for help specifying ramps. The most important thing is to keep the rope of the winch parallel with the ramp. If you intend to use a winch please make this clear to your sales adviser before purchasing.

How does the ramp connect to the container?

All of our container ramps use a rest on connection which rests onto the floor of the container. For our aluminium pallet truck ramps, we do have alternative connection types available which can be viewed here. There will be an additional fee of £100.00 + VAT for the alternative connection. 

How grippy is the surface?

As grippy as we can make it without causing damage to tyres or excessive wear to the surface. Our pallet truck ramps have light serrations cut across the width which is suitable for dry, clean conditions. If you plan to use in wet or muddy conditions further grip might need to be added such as grip tape or rubber covering.

What if I need a specific length or width?

The Ramp People can manufacture to almost any width or length required, please contact our team to discuss your requirements. 

Can you use all kind of pallet trucks or forklifts on the pallet truck ramps?

No, not all pallet trucks are able to climb gradients so you will need to check your pallet trucks abilities as to the maximum gradient it can climb.