Trench Covers and Road Plates

Trench Covers and Road Plates are an excellent way to provide safe access for vehicles and pedestrians across trenches. This is for example on construction sites or during site excavations.

With their lightweight, yet durable glass reinforced material, these plastic trench covers and road plates make excellent lightweight alternatives to steel. Trench plates and footbridges provide a safe and stable surface for workers by covering trenches and excavations, preventing accidental falls and injuries. Additionally, they improve accessibility and ensure that workers can move equipment and materials without hindrance, further enhancing safety. 

Do Trench Covers & Road Plates Require Installation?

Trench plates and footbridges do not require installation, simply put them in place and use. They include fixing holes if you wish to secure them in place. The plates and covers are provided with a non-slip surface and non-tripping edges to ensure safety.

What specs do the Trench Covers offer?

Providing coverage for 50cm holes, the trench covers have a 700kg capacity and come in three lengths.

What specs do the Road Plates offer?

Designed to cover trench excavations up to 700 mm in depth and to support up to 6 tons, the Road Plate has a minimum order quantity of 5.

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