Ground Protection Mats: Buying Guide

Ground Protection Mats are a perfect way to protect the ground from damage. They are commonly used to protect land during events, for example within areas expected to have high pedestrian traffic or temporary cark parking areas and during construction works, for instance to allow machinery to access sites without damaging the land or getting stuck in mud. 

The Ramp People offer an extensive range of mats for a variety of situations. The mats are perfect for preventing damage to the land. They also create a safe route for pedestrians and vehicles due to the anti-slip surface. 

What Are The Benefits of Ground Protection Mats? 

  • The Ground Protection Mats make tough ground conditions more accessible to vehicles and pedestrians 
  • They protect the land, preventing problems from traffic churning up the land 
  • Ensure projects run smoothly, for example they ensure machinery does not get stuck in muddy areas and that the ground is not too slippery for pedestrians to walk over 
  • Allow access to site despite poor weather conditions 
  • Protects machinery, for example JCB's and tractors, that can be damaged if they become stuck in the mud and gravel which, in turn can become very costly, especially if it results in project delays
  • Improve safety for pedestrians, reducing the risk of trips or falls 
  • Save time and money in the long term as it reduces the risk of injuried employees, damaged machinery and the mats are much more longlasting than plywood solutions 

What To Consider Prior To Purchase

What type of traffic will be passing over the mats? For example pedestrians, cars, lorries or tracked machinery.

What is the maximum weight passing over the mats?

Do you require water to drain through the mats? 

The weight of the mats - you will need to ensure your team can put these in place, generally 2 people are required to put a mat in place. 

How Do Ground Protection Mats Stay In Place? 

The connection type depends on the chosen mat. Whilst some mats simply have a tongue and groove to allow these to simply be placed next to one another, others can be connected with bolts or J-pins. The Ramp People provide TuffTrak Connectors and Elite Connectors

What Size Are The Mats?

Mats are provided in a variety of sizes, for example the Safe Site Matting is 1200mm x 800mm whilst EconoMat is 1220mm x 2440mm. You will need to check the size of the area you wish to cover to identify how many mats you need. Some of the mats can be cut down to your required size using a jigsaw. There are bulk discounts available. The mats are provided in a variety of depths, thicker mats generally can hold a higher capacity. 

Why Use Mats Instead Of Plywood?

Althought at first plywood appears a cheaper solution than ground protection mats, over time it is not always cost efffective. Plywood is porous and therefore it can absorb a lot of water, meaning it often rots and deteriorates quite quickly. In addition, it can absorb oils and chemicals which are placed on the wood which can lead to cross-contamination. Plywood is also unreliable in terms of the capacity it holds which means it can be dangerous when used with machinery and vehicles. The Ground Protection Mats we offer all come with a stated capacity, the capacity has been tried and tested and the mats are of course provided with a warranty. The heavy duty mats are designed for the purpose of having heavy machinery and vehicles passing over it whilst plywood has not been designed for this purpose. Plywood also is often viewed as a safety hazard as there is a risk of splinters and debries, which can cause injuries. 

Additional Mat Benefits?

As well as protecting the land, Ground Protection Mats offer an array of further benefits. For example, many of the mats include benefits such as; integrated drainage, oil resistance, ramped edges to reduce trip hazards, reduces impact of noise, non-slip surface, durable, weatherproof.  

What Types of Mats Are Available? 

The Ramp People offer an array of mats by Elite and TuffTrak. A summary of the mats available can be viewed below. Please note, all capacities are subject to ground conditions. 

Light Duty (Pedestrian Zones & Light Vehicle Traffic)

Grass Grid: The Grass Grid is provided with a capacity of 7,500kg, perfect for pedestrian traffic, cars and light vans. The Grass Grid ensures soft and muddy areas remain accessible, it is ideal for parking areas. The grid reinforces soft ground and can be filled with shingle, stone, soil or grass. 

Safe Site Matting: Safe Site Matting by Elite is provided with a 10,000kg capacity, making it perfect for small to medium sized plant machinery. The mats are connected with a tongue and groove connection, making it simple to put these in place. You can amend the size of the mats by simply cutting these with a jigsaw. The mats include ramped edges, making them perfect for wheelchairs, buggies and other items with low ground clearence.

Medium Duty (Vehicle Traffic & Light & Medium Plant Machinery) 

DuraMatt: The DuraMatt is provided with a 15,000 - 20,000kg load bearing capacity, dependent on ground conditions. The mat is suitable for light/medium plant machinery and vehicles. DuraMatt can easily be connected with cable ties and has a non-slip surface. The mat is recommended to be used on soft or sensititive ground. 

Trackguard: Trackguard is provided with a load bearing capacity of up to 20,000kg. It is produced from high density polyethlene and includes a high profile traction system which provides additional grip for wheeled and tracked machinery. The mats can easily be connected with fixing pins or cable ties. They are popular within the construction sector. 

Geogrid: Geogrid is provided with a patented design and can be filled with a varitey of materials including gravel and grass. They are perfect for use in overflow car parks, event parking and pathways. 

EconoMat: At only 32kg, with a load bearing 15,000kg capacity the mat is easy to handle. The mat is waterproof and environmentally friendly. The non-slip surface makes it perfect for pedestrians. 

Heavy Duty (Medium to Heavy Plant Machinery)

EuroTrak HD: These heavy duty mats have a load bearing capacity of up to 60,000kg, depending on ground conditions, making them perfect for machinery, vehicles and pedestrian traffic. The mats include handles for easy maneuvering.   

EuroMat: With a 80,000kg capacity, the mat is pedestrian and vehicle friendly. The mat is provided with chevron traction and moulds to uneven ground conditions. The mat is 100% recyclable. 

TrakMat Black: Provided with a load bearing capacity of 90,000kg, the mat is flexible and contours along sloping ground, preventing damage to the land. 

Outrigger Crane Pad: Produced from high quality polyethylene, these are easy to install and provides safe working conditions for heavy plant machinery. They are chemical and oil resistant and durable in all weather conditions. 

The Ramp People's extensive range of Ground Protection Mats are available online. If you have any questions, please contact our team on 01372 478 960 or email