MD Ramp System™ Nitrile Female bevel 91cm Yellow

Edge ramp for the cushion ease anti-fatigue mat. All components of this plug-in system are simply plugged together. *Single ramp per unit.

Anti-Fatigue Mats FAQ's

Length (mm)910
Weight (kg)0.7
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  • One Year Warranty
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Closed anti-slip pebble structure surface. Superb anti-fatigue properties due to its unique design underneath and high quality resilient rubber compounds. These interlocking mats allow on-site customization. Square snap together units of 91 x 91 cm that can be assembled effortlessly and laid out from wall to wall or as islands, in any direction or shape.

  • Pebble structure
  • 19 mm thick
  • Interlocking modular mats
  • 91 cm long
  • Suitable for 91cm x 91cm mats
  • 0.7kg per ramp
  • Natural rubber
  • Designed to yield a long service life
  • Compatible with patented MD-ramp system for smart safety beveling solutions; allow out and inside corners
  • Resistant to most chemicals and extreme temperatures
  • Free of silicone
  • Slip resistance R9 according to DIN51130 and BG-rule BGR181
  • All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement

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SKU TRP-551F0003YL
Length (mm) 910
Weight (kg) 0.7
One Year Warranty Yes
Easy to Fit Yes