Metal Working

As well as building virtually any loading ramp that you can possibly imagine The Ramp People are able to offer the full range of metal working services from design and concept stages to fabrication and installation. With over 25 years in metal manufacturing Working in both aluminium and steel we are able to offer the following services:

  • CNC Machining
  • Laser Cutting 
  • Steel Casting 
  • Forming
  • Stamping
  • Metal Spinning
  • Metal Etching
  • Pre-Treatments
  • Heat Treatment
  • Plating
  • Powder Coating
  • Silk Screening
  • Wet Spraying
  • Plastic Coating

Equipped with the latest computer controlled modern machinery including a high technology laser station able to satisfy the most demanding cuts in terms of shape and dimensions. Laser cutting resolves the most difficult shaping and boring requirements as well as minimising thermal and mechanical deformation of the material. Laser cutting eliminates burring and the working tolerances can be limited to within a tenth of a millimetre.

Other equipment used is as follows:

  • TRUMPF L4030 3.8Kw Laser Centre (Windows controlled – max sheet size 4.0 x 2.0mtrs x 20mm) Auto loading system with lights out capability
  • TRUMPF L3030 1.5Kw Laser Centre (Tops 100 CAD/CAM – Maximum sheet size 3.0 x 1.5mtrs x 15mm) Auto shuttle table loading system
  • WEIDEMANN C2500 CNC Punch (30 stations 4 large auto index – max sheet size 2.5 x 1.25 x 6mm)
  • 2x STRIPPIT 1500H/30 CNC Punch (42 stations 4 large auto index, multi tools – max sheet size 3.0 x 1.5 x 8mm)
  • AMADA HFB 170/4 Press Brake  (Multi axis with a 170 tons x 4mtrs Folding capacity)
  • LVD PPI 110/30 CNC Press Brake (Folding capacity 110 tons x 3mtrs with 8 axis)
  • LVD PPEB 80/25 CNC 2D/3D (Windows controlled Press Brake (Folding capacity 80 tons x 2.5mtrs x 8mm)
  • SAFAN SK50 Manual Brake Press (50 tons x 2.5mtrs x 6mm)
  • YSD CNC Guillotine (Cutting capacity 4mtrs up to 8mm thick)
  • HAEGER BUSH Inserter 824 with autofeed
  • 1.5M BUTFERING Deburrer/Grainer
  • MECAL Double Headed Mitre CNC Extrusion Saw
  • VCM 905 Vibratory Stress Relieving Machine
  • EDWARD PEARSON Power Rollers (Maximum sheet width and thickness 4ft x 3.0mm)
  • BIANCO 370A Fully Automated Band Saw Line
  • THOMAS Semi-Auto Band Saw
  • STARTRITE Vertical Band saw
  • SUREWELD PFP 200/350 160KVA Spot Welder
  • TECNA 25Kva Spot Welder
  • TUCKER 2000 Stud Welder (Maximum stud size 8mm) also a new stud welder just delivered
  • 4x LINCOLN TIG Welding Plants (300 Amp Square Wave)
  • 4x BUTTERS MIG Welding Plants (250 Amp)
  • Various Fly Presses
  • Various Pillar Drills
  • Various Tube Manipulators

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