Premium and Economy Viper Heavy Duty Van Ramps

Premium and Economy Viper Heavy Duty Van Ramps

We often get the question from our customers about the differences between all of our Viper Ramp ranges.

Below we will try to answer all questions and show the basic information of those ramps on one page.

The Economy Viper Heavy Duty Van Ramps are available in two widths (750mm & 920mm) and 4 lengths (1800mm - 2700mm). The capacity varies depending on the length purchased, the longer the ramp the lower the capacity. The ramps are built from aluminium but they remain quite lightweight. The head of the ramp is a newly developed rest on connection, unique on the market.

The Premium Viper Heavy Duty Van Ramps are available in various widths, lengths and capacities. We hold various lengths of the Premium Viper ramp in stock for immediate dispatch, from 1800mm, with widths of 750mm and 1000mm available. Capacities range from 1,000kg - 2,000kg.

We have recently introduced Folding Viper Premium Heavy Duty Van Ramps. These have capacities up to 1,000kg - quite a bit more than the economy version. In addition, they are available in lengths up to 3m and various widths.

The Premium Viper Van Ramps are European made and fully TUV certified. Unlike the economy version, the premium ramps are fully customisable in lengths, widths and Connection Options type, whilst maintaining their capacity of 1000kg (or 2,000kg) and are also available on short notice. Generally the built to order lead time is 3-4 weeks.

This promise of quality comes with its price which is why we have categorised them as premium. All of our ramps are covered by a 1 year guarantee.

Both ranges though are perfect for loading flight cases, trolleys and are therefore quite popular within moving and event companies. The Premium Heavy Duty Van Ramp has a slightly smoother entry than the economy version. We therefore would especially recommend the premium version if loading items with low ground clearance.

Their widths also allow people to push the loading cases and stay safely on the ramp. Both ranges have raised edges to prevent wheeling off.

Economy Viper Heavy Duty Van Ramp:

Premium Viper Heavy Duty Van Ramp: