FEAL Heavy Duty Folding Van Ramps

Here at The Ramp People we manufacture several different types of folding van ramps to suit all industries and personal use, from gardening businesses to NHS services. Our transport and tailboard folding van ramps have a unique surface treatment that provides excellent grip and makes loading and unloading safe and easy. They are fastened to the car with our floor mounting plates and the ramp can be mounted and removed in one easy step. The perforations enable the driver to see through the folded ramp in the rear view mirror.

The ramps are highly durable, strong, light weight, non-slip and versatile and include a 3 year warranty.read more

Our folding van ramps are perfect for electronic wheelchair access and are widely used in the health care industry or – you can also use the access ramp to connect to two vehicles. The fully functioning shape and brackets allow you to utilise the access ramp as a table or workbench if you ever needed an extra surface. These ramps are a must-have also for all forms of transporters from farmers to caterers. With a weight capacity of up to 800kg and quick release system, you will love the lightweight, easily installed nature of this folding van ramp for your home or business.

  1. 2 part folding heavy duty van ramp

    Heavy Duty 2 Part Folding van ramp 1100mm wide

    From £3,360.00 £2,800.00
    Built to Order
  2. Adapter Plate for LR Folding Van Ramps

    Adapter Plate for LR Folding Van Ramps

    From £360.00 £300.00
    Built to Order