TRP200 Series

SKU Capacity (kg) Height of ramps profile (mm) Length (mm) Max load height (mm) Weight per ramp (kg) Weight Per Pair (kg) Width (mm) Minimum track width (mm) Price
TRP200/45 8500 200 4500 1350 99 198 600 450 £2,442.00 £2,035.00
TRP200/50 7085 200 5000 1500 103 206 600 450 £2,574.00 £2,145.00
TRP200/55 6070 200 5500 1650 111.5 223 600 450 £2,706.00 £2,255.00

All of our vehicle ramps are fabricated without safety edges, but these can be added on request. This will make the internal width of the ramp 60mm narrower.

Please be note that if you request a hook end to your vehicle ramp, it may be slightly shorter than the advertised length. Our friendly sales team will be able to assist you with any queries regarding this.

Usage guidelines and safety information for this product can be found here

The TRP200 and TRP230 Series core profile thickness is 200mm respectively. At 600mm these ramps are over half a metre wide and feature a capacity of up to 12000kg and are ideal for use as industrial plant ramps and as heavy duty as commercial ramps. See vehicle ramps for a full list of features and options.

Nylon grab handles are available to increase the safe manual handling of the heavy duty ramps, please contact us for a custom quote.

Not suitable for solid wheels found on road surfacing machines - for this type of machinery please see the industrial ramps for steel tracks.


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