Wheelchair Ramp with Rails

All Weather Wheelchair Ramp with Rails - New Product Alert

We are pleased to announce that we have increased our range of all weather wheelchair ramps to provide more length options. Our wheelchair ramp with handrails are now available in 4ft, 5ft and 10ft as well as the usual 6ft and 8ft options that were already available. These Wheelchair Ramp with Rails are part of our all weather range and can be left in place/fixed down.

Our all weather wheelchair ramps are available in a range of options, lengths and styles so we can offer solutions for most scenarios. They are made to be easy to install as although they can be fixed in place, this is not required for the ramps to be installed. All of the ramps will not be impacted by bad weather and have suitable surfaces to be used in wet weather too.
Wheelchair Ramp with Rails available on a white background to show the product

Our wheelchair ramp kit with handrails is provided in lengths from 4ft to 10ft. This access ramp is easy to assemble and has the option secured and left in place as a semi-permanent access ramp. Alternatively, you can leave it free-standing so it can be moved and used as a temporary wheelchair ramp. With a 350kg capacity, this is suitable for manual and electric wheelchairs. This all weather wheelchair ramp is also available without the handrails.

Use our ramp length calculator to work out what ramp length is recommended based on the height of your drop.