Disability Pride Month

Disability Pride Month - July 2023

Disability Pride Month originated in America - it is a way to celebrate the diversity in the disabled and LGBTQ+ community. It also helps bring attention to ways we can support these communities in all areas of life. The month-long celebration is now celebrated in multiple countries all over the world. In particular, Disability Pride month has been celebrated since July 2015 in the UK.

 If Disability Pride month has prompted you to look for ways you can make an event or workplace accessible, we can help.

How to make building entrances accessible?

We recommend making the building accessible to all wheelchair types if possible as this will ensure access for as many people as possible. However, if you only have a small group you can speak to attendees/staff to find out if they will be attending with a manual wheelchair or electric wheelchair. You will then need to measure the height of the drop (or the load height) on the inside and outside of any doors they will need to access.
Image showing how to measure the load height of a step

You can then use our handy ramp length calculator to work out what ramp length you need for the outside of the door. For the inside of the door we would normally recommend our rubber ramps or threshold ramps. Alternatively, there are up and over kits also available.

What about other obstacles?

Most events and workplaces will have cables throughout the area. You may already even have cable protectors to keep the area safe for pedestrians or trollies to pass over. Most cable protectors will be too steep for wheelchair use though so we recommend looking at low profile cable protectors. The Ramp People also offers rubber wheelchair ramps for cable protectors. These can be used with our 3 and 5 channel cable protectors.

For single, simple steps we recommend rubber wedge ramps and for outside areas we have an all-weather range that can be left in place and fixed down.