Festival and Event Safety Equipment

Festival and Event Safety Equipment [Infographic]

Event safety can be a daunting task whether you're looking at putting on a small indoor event or a huge outdoor music festival. With both pedestrians and expensive equipment to protect, plus large crowds to organise, it's important that you implement the right tools to keep your event safe. To help, take a look at our event walk-through with handy tips and recommended products. It has everything you need to offer basic crowd management and safety at your next event. See the full infographic below, or download the PDF to keep this walk-through as a handy reminder. To shop any of the products listed, we've even made the PDF clickable! Just click through on any of the product images to shop the item. You'll also find all the links below this handy infographic. Festival and event safety equipment PDF festival and event safety equipment Shop the products! Shop speed bumps Shop traffic cones Shop wheelchair ramps Shop barrier fences Shop ground protection mats Shop all cable covers Shop walkways and gangways