Get versatile safety with a portable speed bump

Get versatile safety with a portable speed bump

Our portable speed bump is one of our most flexible traffic calming tools, aiding traffic and pedestrian safety for a wide range of situations.

Why choose a portable speed bump?

A portable speed bump can be set up quickly, moved around and stored easily for a range of temporary solutions whether it’s a one-off event or for specific times of the day. This means that when not needed, the speed bump can be removed to allow for better traffic flow and to alleviate driver frustrations. When there is low vehicle or pedestrian traffic, this helps to save people time and remove disruption during these times. Our own portable speed bumps also come with a range of features to directly benefit temporary traffic requirements. Our portable speed bumps are made of a flexible interlocking system that can easily be rolled up and stored away for temporary and portable use. The interlocking system not only allows this speed bump to be folded up for storage but also allows the speed bump to conform to any kind of road surface. A sturdy rubber surface on the underside ensures secure grip and traction on the road to prevent slipping, while a luminous yellow colouring and reflective chevrons on both sides further help to prevent accidents. At a light 15kg, this speed bump can be set up or moved by just one person, with no fixings or special set up instructions to worry about. This also eliminates some of the hassle associated with more permanent speed bump solutions, with no tools or set up and no long-term maintenance required. A durable plastic construction capable of holding a 10,000kg capacity makes this speed bump durable and resilient throughout all weather conditions for temporary use.

When to use a portable speed bump

Because of their flexibility, a portable speed bump can be useful in a wide range of applications. This includes festivals, fairs and other outdoor events being held this summer. To help protect pedestrians walking in and out of the fair, any marshals or staff guiding traffic and also the drivers themselves, portable speed bumps can be used to slow down traffic and control traffic flow both at the entrance and exit as well as around the parking lot area. Portable speed bumps can also be used in conjunction with our other traffic calming solutions for road works safety. This can help slow down traffic for drive safety in instances where only one lane is being used, and subsequently also helps protect utility works from fast and potentially dangerous driving when working on the road. Additionally, emergency services may find use of temporary speed bumps when dealing with a road accident or other emergency that disrupts road safety and could be affected by traffic. The Ramp People safety barrier Our portable speed bumps make great traffic calming solutions for schools and events when a speed bump is only necessary for times of the day or certain days of the year. Schools zones are also popular areas that benefit from the use of a temporary speed bump solution. During high traffic times in the mornings and evenings, pedestrian safety can be greatly improved with the use of a speed bump, particularly important in an area where pedestrians are especially vulnerable. A temporary solution can be helpful in this instances as the time and flow of traffic is predictable, and speed bumps aren’t always necessary during school holidays and summer months. During the extended periods when speed bumps aren’t in use, a portable solution that can be stored away can help to alleviate driver frustrations and maintain good traffic flow. When looking to set up a temporary speed bump solution you should still always check with local councils and emergency services that might be affected, even in a temporary capacity. You can find out a bit more about road bump safety and road regulations here.