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Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible This Christmas

Ensure your home is wheelchair accessible this Christmas. Easily identify your required ramp length with our simply wheelchair ramp length calculator.

Throughout the Christmas period, we experience high levels of demand for wheelchair ramps for those with disabled relatives visiting during the Christmas period. Throughout our years of experience, we have learnt how essential it is to order mobility aids in advance rather than waiting for the last minute.

Ordering disabled ramps in advance allows you the chance to receive the ramp and ensure it works prior to your relative visiting. In addition, throughout the Christmas period the couriers are of course extremely busy and therefore delays are more likely so we strongly recommend ordering in advance. 

Do I need to purchase a wheelchair ramp for Christmas? 

The first thing we would recommend doing is to speak to those visiting who require disabled access. It may be the case they have a portable wheelchair ramp which they can bring with them. We of course recommend checking the ramp would be suitable for your property and that there is space to transport this in the vehicle. 

Which wheelchair ramp do I need? 

In order to identify which wheelchair ramp would be suitable for your property you need to first identify the load height as this helps identify the ramp length required. This is the vertical height from the ground to where the ramp will rest. If there is a height internally, for example uPVC doors often have an external and internally height, it is important to measure both areas. We also recommend checking the width of your doorway to ensure the ramp will fit in the area.

Ramp length calculator image to make home Wheelchair Accessible

Once you have the height, we recommend checking with your friend or relative if they have a manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair or scooter.

Which ramp length do I need?

To identify which ramp length you need, we recommend using our simple ramp length calculator. Simply enter the rise height / load height and select whether this is for a manual or electric wheelchair. The calculator will then recommend a ramp length based on your needs.

It is of course important to check you have space for this length of ramp.

Once you have identified the ramp length you can look for your preferred ramp. Our top selling wheelchair ramp is our economy folding wheelchair ramp which is available in 2ft - 8ft.


Economy folding wheelchair ramp
Economy Wheelchair Ramp

For lower heights, for example internal doorways we often suggest rubber threshold ramps.


Rubber threshold ramps
Rubber threshold ramps


If you are unsure on the best ramp for your property, please contact our team for advice. Our extensive range of mobility ramps includes channel ramps for narrow doorways, up and over kits for uPvc doorway and wheelchair ramps with handrails.

All wheelchair ramps are available to purchase VAT exempt, simply enter the users name and disability at the checkout. We offer free delivery throughout mainland UK.