motorbike ramp

New ATV and motorcycle ramps

We’re celebrating the new year with new products across all our ranges. We’ll be releasing new products throughout 2019 and have already got some amazing ones lined up. This February we’re introducing a range of new motorcycle ramps each of which has been uniquely designed to make loading motorcycles, quad bikes and even ride-on mowers easier than ever.

Meet our new motorcycle ramps

All of our motorcycle ramps deliver superior quality and performance but first let's take a look at what makes each of our new ramps stand out.

The Aussie” Ramp

This robust motorcycle ramp features an extra large perforated surface for superior grip plus this ramp is supplied with a single connection strap for extra security.

Mesh Surface Ramp

A sleek motorcycle ramp featuring a fine mesh grip surface means this ramp is slim and compact but also has a double support bar ensures extra strength and durability. This ramps also comes with a single connection strap.

New motorcycle ramps

Smooth Surface Ramp

This ramp features a new perforated smooth grip surface for a more streamlined finish plus comes with a new type of rest-on connection featuring a protective rubber grip. You also get two connection straps supplied with each pair rather than just one.

Dual purpose car ramp

The most unique of our new motorcycle ramps, this one offers a dual solution. Perfect for motorcycles up to 454kg when used singularly for heights up to 550mm, this ramp also folds up and can be used in a pair as a car riser for capacities up to 2200kg and heights up to 155mm.

We offer a wide range of motorcycle ramps and ATV ramps

The ramps that have it all

Along with their unique features, all of our new motorcycle ramps have been designed for durability and quality and then finished to the highest standard. They’re all robot welded for solid, strong and durable construction and tested to make sure they comply with up to date health and safety guidelines. We’re so confident you can rely on the quality of our ramps that we offer a one year warranty with all of them.

As well as being robust and durable, our new motorcycle ramps have been designed to be easy to transport and store. Perfect for motorcycles, ATVs, quad bikes, ride-on mowers and more garden machinery, we know how important it easy that these ramps are easy to load and store into vans as well as quick and easy to set-up when needed.

Our motorcycle, ATV and ride on mower ramps are easy to transport and store

A simple folding design means all our ramps can be reduced in size and lie flat when stored plus sleek, lightweight aircraft grade aluminium means they are also easy to carry around and manoeuvre. Our default rest-on connection enables you to set them up in just seconds and take them down just as fast. When in use, a slightly curved design allows for improved ground clearance and an angled foot ensures smooth access onto the ramp.

You can buy all our motorcycle ramps as a single for motorcycles or as a pair for a wider range of machinery and vehicles. Our Aussie, Mesh Surface and Smooth Surface can handle motorcycles up to 340kg when a single ramp is used or for other capacities up to 680kg when used as a pair. They are not suitable for single axles machinery or vehicles. To find out more contact our team today!