Nylon Grab Handle for Ramps

Nylon Grab Handle for Ramps

With 2016 we have a new accessory available that can be ordered with every plant and vehicle ramp from production. If you wish you can now attach nylon straps working as grab handle for ramps to carry each ramp.

We usually recommend 4x straps per ramp, which would work out as 8x straps per pair.

The straps are made out of 100% polyester and can carry up to 250kg per handle but the handles are tested twice the max capacity and the breaking point has been settled with 500kg.

Those straps are welded on the ramp in the factory to make them extra secured for your needs. That is another less Health and Safety issue you don’t need to worry about this anymore, the manual handling for vehicle and plant ramps is sorted.

This accessory makes sense for the really heavy duty ramps that can only be carried by minimum two people.

Any questions about it or if you want to place an order for the handles for your next ramp order please contact us.

Grab Handles for Plant Ramps