Ground Protection Mats

Why You Need Ground Protection Mats

As the weather gets both colder and wetter, construction sites, events and other outdoor works areas struggle through the winter months. Muddy or frost ground makes for tough working conditions which can be more than just a nuisance. Slow work means delayed projects and wasted costs, not to mention the costs and dangers to pedestrians, workers and machinery in these conditions. Fortunately, there is a solution to some of these issues. Ground protection mats can make worksites safer and easier to access to help work continue as normal.

The benefits of ground protection mats

Ground protection mats can be used in a variety of environments including outdoor events and construction sites as well as other outdoor environments that may see heavy foot traffic or even machinery over uneven ground like grassy areas. They can be used as temporary paths and roadways as well as to create a large working area including car parks. If you’re carrying out a project on grass or other uneven ground, then take a look at these benefits of using ground protection mats to see if they could be a solution for you.


Digger driving on ground protection mats

Take on tough conditions

The primary purpose of ground protection mats to make tough ground conditions accessible. Whether you need to provide pedestrian access or access to heavy machinery, ground protection mats can ensure that anyone can walk over tough ground conditions with ease. Heavy vehicle and foot-traffic areas in particular need additional protection to stop problems arising as the constant traffic can churn up soft ground and make conditions worse over time.

Keep projects on schedule

Whether you trying to manage crowd flow to keep your event running smoothly or have a deadline on a construction site, it’s important to keep projects running on time for customers, clients and more. Providing clear access in these areas is therefore critical. Machinery getting stuck in muddy ground or slow traffic flow due to slippery or dangerous ground conditions can significantly impact the organisation and schedule of projects.

In winter months during harsher weather conditions, this is even more important as there may long periods that workers can’t continue in, so one delay could lead into a longer period of rain and a project stand-still. Ground protection mats can ensure that work can be carried out in tough conditions and enables both workers and machines to access sites with relative ease to make the most of workable weather.


Car driving on ground protection mats

Protect the ground and machinery

It goes without saying that ground conditions and the environment should be protected as much as possible especially today, but there are also often strict stipulations about the condition works and events sites should be left on completion. Customers and land owners need these areas to remain in good condition afterwards, whether it’s keeping the area around a residential site in good order or protecting fields as much as possible during an event.


Additionally, costly machinery can become damaged in especially harsh ground conditions. Mud and gravel can damage tractors, JCB’s and other machinery which can end up costing companies a lot of money to fix or replace. Damage machinery also means yet more delays to the project which can also result in works running over schedule and over budget.

Keep things safe

Wet, muddy or otherwise slippery ground conditions pose a big risk to pedestrians and workers. For events, it’s vital that visitors are kept safe and that they meet health and safety requirements while construction sites are already dangerous and adverse conditions are made worse with the addition of heavy machinery and dangerous tools around. Ground protection mats can help protect workers and pedestrians from accidents like trips and falls, and make the overall site safer.


People walking on ground protection mats

Save money

By helping to keep projects on schedule, protecting machinery and keeping people safe, ground protection mats ultimately save you money. They can stop projects running over budget or companies incurring unexpected costs such as sick pay for an injured worker or repairing a machine. Additionally, polyethylene ground protection mats save you money long term compared to plywood boards as they are highly durable and don’t need to be replaced frequently.

Ready to get ground protection mats?

If you’re convinced that ground mats are the solution for you then you’ll need highly durable mats like TuffTrak. With innovative design and revolutionary polyethylene construction, these mats provide high traction and durability for even the toughest ground and weather conditions. Their unique interlocking design means they are easy to set up and fit well over extremely uneven ground. Shop the full range here or call us to find out more.