Warehouse Protection FAQ's

Corner Guard & Wall Protectors 

Wall protectors and corner guards are designed to protect walls in public and private areas including car parks to reduce the risk of damage to vehicles and property. The protectors are high visibility in black and yellow to alert road users to these. They are designed to protect walls, bollards and pillars in car parks and surrounding areas, in turn reducing time and money spent on repairs. 

Expandable Safety Barriers

Expandable safety barriers can be used to highlight areas of risk to pedestrians and mark off areas in shops, at events and in the workplace. The lightweight and portable barriers can be put up when required and extend to your required length. Options include waterfilled barriers which are suitable to be left outside. 

Column Protector

Column protectors are designed to prevent damage to columns during collisions, for example with forklifts, and improve the safety of the driver. They are provided in various sizes to fit various different sized columns. They are produced with an air vent system to allow air to escape during impact. The protectors are provided in yellow to ensure high visibility. The 

Beam Bumper & Channel Rack Protectors

Beam bumpers and channel rack protectors are designed to protect the warehouse racks from pallet and forklift damage. Like column protectors, they are easy to install and are provided in yellow to increase visibility. The blow moulded design allows them to easily absorb impact. You can view the full range here.

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