Cable Protectors & Cable Management Solutions

Cable Protectors & Cable Management Solutions

According to Electrical Safety First 2.5 million people receive a mains voltage electrical shock every year, with 350,000 resulting in serious injury. On top of that, the HSE reports that slips and trips were the most common cause of injury to employees. Taking this all into account; it's about time you made sure cable and hose connectors are secure and protected in the workplace.

Reducing electrical and trip hazards at work

Cable protectors and covered channel trunking is a great way to protect the general public and employees from electrical and trip hazards. That being said it is important to use the right cable protectors for the job. Heavy duty cable modular cable protectors are likely to be over-kill in an office environment where as rubber cable protectors would be useless, and in some cases dangerous, on a construction site. To help you find the best cable management system for your needs we created a quick guide on the different types of cable protectors we sell here at The Ramp People. lightweight cable protectors

Indoor, lightweight cable protectors

At The Ramp People our economy lightweight cable protectors and cord covers are available in a range of different lengths to suit your needs. Made from high quality extruded rubber, these cable protectors can easily cut to length to fit neatly in the office and home environment. We also stock a selection of premium lightweight cable protectors which have been specially fabricated from durable vulcanised rubber. Equally suitable for use in the home or office; they can also be used indoors in more industrials settings such as factories and workshops. We currently offer four different premium cable covers; 3m cable protector, 3m wide channel cable protector, 3m hazard warning cable cover and a 4.5m twin channel industrial cable protector. Ideal for pedestrian and small-vehicle traffic, our specialist range of PVC and rubber cable covers are available in a range of heights to suit your needs. Featuring a high-resistance chequer-plated ant-slip surface and interlocking design, they provide robust and solid cover.



Heavy duty, outdoor cable protectors

Our ranges of heavy duty cable protectors are second to none. Ideal for temporary works, festivals, trade shows and events, our economy range keeps loose cables tidy preventing trips hazards on walkways and driveways.

Suitable for vehicles up to 10,000kg, they a feature high visibility, contrasting, folding section that allows easy access to the cables, hoses and wires that run through the channels. If you're looking for the very best cable protectors; check out our range of Checkers Industrial cable protectors. Constructed from all-weather polyurethane, these cable protectors featured a patented T connector to extend this modular system to any length with ease. Offering almost instant protection for outdoor events and building site works, they have been tested to take a load capacity of over 18,000kg.