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Disabled Access Ramps

Disabled access ramps - understand the requirements behind wheelchair ramps. Understand the ramp length required, whether you need planning permission and more.

For over 15 years' we have been supplying Disabled Access Ramps across to the UK for those to use at home, in the workplace, at events and more. Throughout the years' we have expanded our range based on customer requirements, for example to ensure easy access over thresholds, through patio doors and ramps to overcome steps.

Do you require planning permission for disabled access ramps?

The majority of our disabled access ramps are designed as portable, temporary wheelchair ramp solutions and therefore do not require planning permission. If you are seeking a permanent ramp solution, for example a concrete ramp, you may wish to view our blog surrounding Part M regulations.

Disabled Access Ramps
Folding Wheelchair Ramp

How wide should a disabled ramp be?

When considering how wide the wheelchair ramp should be, it is important to consider the width of the wheelchair along with the width of the doorway. Most of our portable wheelchair ramps are around 720mm. This width is suitable for the majority of wheelchairs and scooters, and fits in most doorways. For narrower doorways, we do have 660mm wide roll-a-ramps. Channel ramps are also a good solution for narrow doorways however these are only suitable for manual wheelchairs.

Telescopic Channel Ramps


What gradient should a disabled access ramp be?

 For temporary wheelchair ramp access, there is not any regulations in terms of gradient however it should of course be safe for the user. We recommend a minimum of a 1:6 gradient for manual wheelchairs, 1:8 for electric wheelchairs, scooters and walkers. You can of course always purchase a longer ramp to achieve a smoother gradient. To identify the ramp length you require, we would recommend using our simple disabled access ramp gradient calculator. For semi-permanent ramps, such as our modular wheelchair ramp systems, we recommend a 1:12 gradient.

Modular Wheelchair Ramp


Does a disabled ramp need a handrail?

In terms of portable wheelchair ramps, handrails are often not required. Many purchase simple folding wheelchair ramps to allow them to gain access to their homes and buildings as and when required. If the wheelchair ramp is to be left in place and used by a variety of individuals, handrails may be recommended, especially for higher heights. If the wheelchair ramp is permanent and due to comply with building regulations, in some instances handrails are required. We offer a range of disabled access ramps with handrails including our wheelchair ramp kits, roll-a-ramp and modular wheelchair ramps.



How do you make an access ramp DDA compliant?

DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) was replaced by the Equality Act in 2010 and therefore you should instead comply with the Equality Act when providing access.

Can you purchase disabled access ramps VAT exempt?

Yes, all of our disabled access ramps are available to purchase VAT exempt. There is a simple VAT exemption box at the checkout. Those with disabilities and charities can apply for VAT exemption.