Iconic ramps for car icon van

Iconic ramps for car icon van

We often speak about how our various types of vehicle ramps are used by car enthusiasts all over the country to transport, store and showcase their prized cars. Many of these are obviously sleek sports cars, from vintage classic to pricey modern-day models, but super-fast sports vehicles aren’t the only ones that are prized amongst car and vehicle enthusiasts as one customer recently showed use.

An iconic van

While it doesn’t boast high speeds or a sleek aerodynamic design, the VW camper van is probably more iconic than any other vintage or modern sports car. Its shape and often funky colouring are instantly recognised all over the world. Today, you’ll find the VW camper van and its famed logo or van shape on everything from stickers to keyrings, collected by people both with and without the van itself. The classic VW camper van is instantly recognised all over the world Enthusiasts just like one of our customers from have dedicated their time to collecting and restoring these classic models. Unfortunately, the damp British climate can often be a real problem when maintaining these amazing vehicles. The 1974 model below, often called a “Late Bay” because of the single-piece windscreen design that came with the later models, was shipped all the way from Australia 8 years ago where they are often relatively rust free thanks to the more favourable climate. Now in the cold UK, the van needs to be kept as dry as possible when transporting and storing. To help keep his van looking good and running smoothly, this customer stores it in a dry shipping container when not in use. To help it safely up the edge of the container a pair of our 2000kg container ramps is used. This helps to load the van without risking any potential damage caused by driving up and into it. Because they’re quick and easy to set up and completely portable, these ramps can also be taken with the van to help it up various other kerbs and heights when out and about. VW camper vans needs to be kept as dry as possible to stop rust and damage

Iconic container ramps

So, what makes our container ramps so perfect for the job? First and foremost, they’re extremely versatile. Rather than just being for containers or industrial uses, you can use these ramps for a range of cars and light to medium weight machinery, as well as for a range of heights including kerbs and ledges. They’re also easy to set up with a range of 4 different connections options to choose from depending on your needs. This includes our basic and most popular rest on connection. Simply rest the ramps onto the height and you’re ready to go. Because they’re compact and relatively lightweight despite their 2000kg load capacity, they’re easy to transport and store to car shows, around warehouses, commercial spaces and much more. Our container ramps are perfect for cars, vans and other vehicles for containers and other heights Despite being portable, these ramps are designed to handle heavy load capacities and a range of load heights up to 180mm. Made in the EU, they are fully TUV certified and safety tested for extreme durability. With our 1-year warranty, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality product possible. When it comes to using your ramps safely, our usage guidelines and safety information are always accessible online. Need a specialised solution? No problem! While we offer a wide range of set load heights ready to go, we can also customise your ramps for a completely bespoke solution. Simply contact one of our team with your height requirements and we’ll work with you to provide a specially designed pair of ramps. Want to know more? Call or email us today and we’d be happy to help.