R13 Slip Resistance Ramps  Folding van ramp

R13 Slip Resistance Loading Ramps

Several of our alumimium loading ramps have recently achieved R13 certification through the TÜV Rheinland certifying agency accordingly to the DGUV 108-003:2003 standard. In addition, many of The Ramp People's professional loading ramps have achieved TÜV product certification. 

What is DGUV Rule 108-003?

DGUV Rule 108-003 provides a rating to products based on the level of anti-slip they offer. Surfaces can be provided ratings between R9 to R13 with R13 surfaces offering the most anti-slip properties. DGUV Rule 108-003 relates to 'floor coverings in work premises and areas of activity presenting a risk of slipping'. 

Which ramps have achieved R13 slip resistance certification? 

Several of our aluminium loading ramps have achieved the certification including our Premium Heavy Duty Van Ramps, Folding Van Ramps, Lightweight Loading Ramps, Sabretooth Professional Loading Ramps, Aluminium Wedge Ramps and Pallet Truck Ramps

Trolley going up loading ramp

Which ramps have achieved R12 slip resitance certification? 

Ramps including our Aluminium Channel Ramps, Pedestrian Ramps with Handrails and Vehicle Ramps have achieved R12 slip resistance certification. 

Aluminium channel ramps resting on a van