Lightweight cable protectors

Lightweight cable protectors

Last updated on November 8th, 2019 at 09:38 am

Whatever the size of your office or workspace, the chances are you have plenty of cables and wires around. Having messy cables can cause a variety of problems, many of which are a health and safety priority. Fortunately, it’s easy to create a cable management system with our affordable and lightweight cable protectors.

Why use cable protectors

Cable protectors are ideal for home use but are especially useful around the office or workspace. Cables and wires from phones, PCs and other devices can become tangled and unorganised. Unruly wires look unattractive and are a nuisance to deal with, making it difficult to take out or install new devices when necessary. More importantly, disorganised cables can be a serious trip hazard to employees and visitors and often blend into the floor and are difficult to see, not to mention the wires themselves can pose an electrical hazard.

When setting up a cable management system and choosing the right cable protectors, it’s important to consider:

  • Adaptability – how easy it to adapt and change to the addition or removal of cables and wires?
  • Cable protection – how well will it protect the actual cables from damage and people from trip hazards.
  • Ease of use – will it be easy to use and set up.

The Ramp People lightweight cable protectors

Our lightweight cable protectors


All our rubber cable ramps are completely versatile and can be used together to create longer channels for your wires, or cut down to size to fit smaller areas. This provides the flexibility that is often essential in office environments, and their lightweight rubber construction makes them easy to deploy or remove instantly to suit the changes in your workspace.


Lightweight rubber cable protectors are an ideal solution to your cable management needs. A highly durable vulcanised rubber material ensures they are lightweight and flexible enough to fit any environment while also being highly protective of potentially dangerous electric cables and resistant to long wear and use. This high-quality material is shaped to feature sloping edges that blend seamlessly to the floor and allow both people and wheeled equipment to cross safely. Additionally, for added safety in the office, we offer cable protectors with yellow safety strips to increase visibility and reduce accidents.

Ease of use

The rubber material also enables these cable protectors to grip any surface, ensuring they won’t slip and create additional hazards even in spaces with high foot traffic. With no other installation required they’re extremely simple to set up, plus with channels up to 23.5 x 10.7 we offer cable protectors suitable for a range wire sizes and capable of holding multiple wires at a time.

The Ramp People lightweight cable protectors

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